The Krabi Emerald pool

The Krabi Emerald pool

The Krabi Emerald pool

The Krabi Emerald pool is located in the south of Krabi, which is a province in Klong Thom district. This is situated almost 70 kilometers away from the town and nearby the Khao Phra Bang Khram reserves of nature, these are known as nature own formulated hot-tub water pools referred to as Jacuzzis.

How they got this name?

If we talk about its name in Thai then it is “nam tok rawn”, the water source here comes from the thermal springs, and these are originated from the volcanic chambers that are situated deep underground.

Think about it

The tourist attraction here is the “emerald color pools” that are situated in between the smooth stone, located in a beautiful dense jungle. The bath-tubs are filled with fresh blue-green water, the water comes from the spring which is very pleasant because of the temperature which stays 35- 42 C. Tourists go over there in the beautiful weather to soak themselves in the water to take a refreshing bath in the river which is neat and clean right below these bath-tubs.

The Top attraction in Krabi, all year around

The hot spring is also one of the most favorite tourist attraction; there are human-made bathing pools that are getting the water from the springs. The water is deliberately diverted into the bathing pools. To facilitate the tourist there, now they can enjoy the clothes changing facilities there. The best part about the Krabi emerald pool is that it has mineral salts in the hot water spring, that are known for their benefits among the tourists.

Being here is like to experience a vast open sky spa.

These are famous because they are known to ease several ailments, such as rheumatism, all the skin issues, and sciatica. It is good for the shedding of the skin, but you have to keep in mind that these facts are not medically proven, but people do believe them due to their experiences over there.

Treat your self and enjoy the moment

Even if we ignore these benefits, just going over there and enjoying the beautiful site gives the peace of mind. It brings so much calmness to life because tourist can go over there soak themselves till the chin and look at the sky. The mesmerizing view of the sky and the mountains in the surroundings are said to have positive health benefits.

That’s a fact!

If you are planning to go to the Krabi Emerald pool, and in case you are planning to miss the crystal pool, then you should change your decision. The reason is that your trip is incomplete without giving a visit to the “crystal pool” in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. It is known as the Emerald pool, and in Thai, it is said to be the “Sa Marakot”. There is no doubt that this water is beautifully hued, and there is a natural pool with the mesmerizing pure water of the spring. Although it is said that the temperature is ambient there, but tourist still chooses to swim over there.

The Krabi Emerald pool trail 

To reach this Krabi emerald pool there is a whole network of trails that has to be covered, which is a forest of Khao Nor Chu Chi. The total distance of the path is around 1.2 kilometers, but the good news is that there is no need for climbing. On the way there, you will be witnessing the glimpse of the aquatic scenery the whole unique ecosystem; you will see a lot of areas that are covered with springs. On the way to the leading destination, you will be witnessing small pools, streams, and abundant waterfalls. The beauty of the forest is also unmatchable, due to the tropical plants and trees.

Why is a Krabi Emerald Pool day tour so fascinating?

The Krabi Jungle Tour

If you want to know about more sites near the Krabi Emerald pool, then you should consider the “blue pool” in your to go list. It is brightly blue due to which it is a famous tourist attraction when you have reached the Krabi Emerald pool and are done with its magic. Then you can head further to the blue lake, which is 600 meters further upstream from the destination of Krabi emerald pool. If you have time to go over there, then you must go and should not consider skipping the visit by keeping in mind that it will be the same because of its water. We assure you that this additional distance of 600 meters is worth your time and effort. There is no doubt that blue pool has its own magic, and it gives you a fantastic view and crystal clear water. But, you have to keep in mind that it is much hotter and this blue pool is also surrounded by the quicksand, due to these reasons the bathing over here is not permitted.

The Krabi Emerald pool

Every time is a great experience

But the reason due to which it is still popular among the tourist and they always love to go over there is that this forest is home to a lot of species that are endangered such as the Gurney’s Pitta.

  • You can quickly go over there and explore the beautiful places around.
  • We are sure that you will come across the endangered species enjoying their freedom and life, adding more beauty to the view.
  • There are many other trials to explore around, if you are and explore more than a traveler this should be on your go-to list.

We always suggest a nice and well organize tour, but in case you want to go alone!

In case you are going over there for the first time and have no idea about the transport, then you have the option of renting a car, or grab a cab.

  • You can pay the entrance fee of 90 baht to enjoy the hot springs.
  • And in for the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserves or the Krabi Emerald pool will be around 200 baht.

We do not recommend renting a scooter for these distances.

We will not recommend going on a small bike to these sites. The distance is too much, although going on a bike would be so much fun. But, your safety is the top priority, and you cannot go over their tired because this is a lot more to explore over there and then relax in the hot pool of Krabi emerald pool.