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Phuket Tours, the best tours in Phuket Island Thailand

Phuket Tours. Beautiful and adventurous life on Phuket Island can be. Phuket Island is more than just a gateway haven, it is a place to build memories to share experiences and enjoying the rosy part of life.

There are a whole lot of things you can do on a visit to Phuket Island with many different choices of Phuket tours.

  • You can explore around the Island to see the wonders and blessings of nature.
  • You will really enjoy the time of our life going for early morning nature walks on the island.

The gentle breeze caressing your body will refresh you and welcome you, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life activities. Of all the Phuket safari tour is mind-blowing, one of the topmost tourist attraction on Phuket Island. Discover below the main tours in Phuket: Phi Phi island tour, Raya Island Tour, Phuket Fantasea Show

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Phuket Day Trips, Phuket Activities Package

Here are a list of 10 things to do on the Phuket Island cause you can always come for a holiday trip, you can come for shopping in the local market or for nature walks,
Marco You can come to enjoy the local food delicacies and you can surprise your spouse by making a marriage proposal on the Island, you can explore water life and land life and even get married on the Island, you care unit your family on the Island and visit the safari to enjoy the animals lifestyle as well as enjoy speedboat tours around the Island and to all the surrounding islands.

As thrilling as the Island adventure experience can be, it is also affordable and all-round, there are security and transportation, feeding and accommodation, tours and meals all at a pocket-friendly cost. What more can you ask for? At Phuket Island, our goal is to give you the best relaxation time out. Your adventure and experience will be limitless whenever you visit Phuket Island. It is a nature bed filled with all the wonders nature has to offer in just one place. An avenue to meet lots of people from different backgrounds as well. On Phuket tours, you can have opportunities to meet the Chinese, Russians, French, Dutch, Portuguese in just one place sharing experiences and cultural heritage. A trip to Phuket Island is a relishing experience.

Things to Do in Phuket

Phuket Tours

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Phuket is one of the best beach destinations in the world. We are always planning our trips as well as your best possible itineraries. We researched further and have prepared this post to tell you about the best opportunities for Phuket tour. Phuket has beautiful white beaches, palm trees smiling, shimmering seas, and colorful towns. It also has something to fit every taste and budget, with hundreds of hotels to choose from, a wide selection of dining options and parties. Here we like to list a little summary, mentioning some of the best qualities of each tour destination in Phuket!

We think it might help you chose for the best!

Besides visiting Thailand's biggest island's fantastic attractions, you can take an exciting speedboat trip to the many nearby tropical little islands that we like to call ''paradises'', including the famous Phi Phi Islands. Get around the mystical Phang Nga Bay to enjoy a serene cruise. With a list of more than 30 incredibly beautiful beaches to choose from, Phuket is lucky. The most famous have always been Patong Beach, Kata, Karon, and Kamala. Still, the north of the island shows some hidden gems for travelers searching for a more romantic atmosphere.

Phuket tours and attractions

With a vast range of adventure, these best Phuket tours can spice up your holiday. Phuket has so much to see, explore, and learn that it takes a good tactician to get everything into it and plan. Here's a preview of the most popular tours with a description of what they're all about them. Such great tours range from island-hopping around Phi Phi to surfing in Phang Nga to driving ATVs on the island's east coast and more, in this list you can find something for your taste.

Phi Phi Islands Tour by Speedboat

The Phi Phi Islands Tour by Speedboat offers you a day to explore the most beautiful sights in Southern Thailand around these trendy and beautiful islands. It includes places as unique as Maya Bay, made famous by The Beach film, as well as Viking Cave and Monkey Beach. You'll also stop for an international buffet lunch at Phi Phi Don. The advantage of speedboat travel is that it can get much faster than the alternatives from one point of interest to the next.

Sea Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

Sea Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay gives this beautiful part of the world a unique, personal perspective. The stunning calcareous islands and caves are a wonder to behold! The small sea kayak that you will use with the guide is the only way to get up close, though the lowest channels and spectacular hidden lagoons are inaccessible by any larger boat! This will be providing fantastic views of nature at its finest. You will be taken all around to the best spots on a large cruiser, like Hong Island, Panak Island, and, of course, the famous James Bond Island and transferred to kayaks to explore each.

Phuket FantaSea Show

Phuket FantaSea is the biggest and most lavish show on the island and an absolute must-see. The 11-act is a real extravaganza; it is actually part of a 24.3-hectare cultural theme park that highlights the stunning, fascinating heritage of Thailand. t also houses a luxurious 4,000-seat buffet restaurant and a selection of shops that sell gems, leather, and gold chains, silks, and so much more. The 70-minute show will showcase acrobatics, illusions, pyrotechnics, stunts, aerial performances, and more! The show is portraying Thai mythology and history scenes, including ancient battles and gods and legends antiques.

Getting to Koh Phi Phi using the express ferry boat

It is the ideal combination of speed and cost to reach the beautiful island paradise between Phuket and Krabi. The short journey can be enjoyed quickly and comfortably by taking in the scenic views of the Andaman Sea. The trips always offer complimentary snacks and refreshments before you arrive at the ferry terminal for your Phi Phi adventure.

Coral Island and Racha Island by Speedboat

If you are traveling by speedboat to Coral Island and Racha Island, you have plenty of time to enjoy these exceptional tropical paradises on the island. Ringed with perfect white-sand beaches and the glittering Andaman Sea, they are both idyllic places, with great opportunities for snorkeling among the stunning corals, parasailing, banana boat riding! Just enjoy the sun on a beautiful beach under the nodding palms.

Phuket Island & City Tour

It is an introduction to the southern part of Phuket Island features many of the top attractions. It is a comfortable half-day tour that gives you the best views, buildings, and beaches. You'll also gain a bit more understanding of Phuket's culture and history by seeing the main sights and using the English-speaking guide. The trip includes a spectacular Wat Chalong tour–probably Phuket's most famous temple. It's as beautiful as Promthep Cape, right at the island's southern point, which you'll also see, along with Kata Viewpoint and Phuket City.

White Water Rafting in Phang Nga

The unspoiled rainforest of Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary offers fantastic panoramic views! But also a breathtaking scenery for extreme exploration as you bounce along raw tracks and raging rapids besides exploring the limits of your stamina. The trip also involves a visit to a nearby rubber plantation. You can see how the materials that make the off-road tires and the rubber boat that you're going to ride have been made.

The Phang Nga Bay Full-Day Cruise

Full-Day Cruise includes The Man's movie sets with the Golden Gun and Tomorrow Never Dies. Phang Nga Bay's towering calcareous islands, dense jungles, and unspoiled beaches are breathtaking! Discover many other small points of interest along the way, such as the Suwankuha Temple (Monkey Cave), where a huge golden Buddha statue sits among many friendly monkeys. You'll also visit Koh Panyee's fascinating floating village, where you'll enjoy a delicious Thai lunch.

Koh Yao Noi Full-Day Bike Tour

The beautiful Koh Yao Noi, is known for its fantastic shoreline but is relatively unexplored in its interior. With this cycling tour, you can ride through traditional fishing villages, lush rice paddies, unique mosques, and tropical jungles! You will be gaining an unrivaled view of the region's natural beauty and local lifestyles. The 30 km journey along safe and even paths includes a delicious local Thai lunch and the opportunity to see some of the resident wildlife with the bike, with helmet and accompanied English speaking guide provided.

Phuket island hopping tour

Phuket is surrounded by a lot of beautiful islands, each of which has something different to offer. There are sandy beaches, isolated coves, rare birds, and fauna with gorgeous weather thrown in for free, just minutes away from Phuket. Speedboat hopping on the island is a way to capture all this beauty. We arrive at a beautiful beach called Ao Yon in the east of Phuket. Pearl farms float out on the calm waters of the bay, and king palms lean over the strand, creating shade and a stereotypical yet magnificent tropical view.

Coral Island

You're going to sweep past Koh Kew on Coral Island and slow down to get to Coral Island. Guide, spray, and rinse masks off and hand them out. The steps of the speedboat are not challenging to do! You will be directly on the BeachBeach. You will be in the water, surrounded by the likes of sergeant major fish, coral rock cod, various colored parrotfish, and pufferfish.

Racha Island

When done oohing and aahing at Coral Island's sub-aquatic wonders for a good 20 minutes, the captain will dry up and shoot the engine back west towards Racha Island while standing on the safety rails. The unit can move faster than water off a stick, and it's a white-knuckle trip for the next 25 minutes as you reach the higher waves out to sea. Must head south to Ban Raya Resort and drop anchor ('Racha' means' royal' in Thai; Raya for Racha is southern Thai). The very definition of the turquoise color is to be found here in the waters, and if you don't think I'm going to see for yourself.

Koh Keeyao

Keeyao' in Thai means' green,' and yes, Koh Keeyao is as green as a valley in Welsh. Located just off Phuket's southwest coast, this island is home to a Buddhist monastery that houses 15 monks. From Phrom Thep, the most famous sunset-watching venue in Phuket, you can see it, and from there, it looks mysterious and alluring.

Koh Lone

Motoring around Koh Lone is a fascinating experience as the island is only a stone's throw away from busy Chalong Bay east of Phuket. Still, it is mostly uninhabited except for a small Muslim fisherman's village on its northwest side. It's lined with beaches and fauna that look exotic.

Best tour operators in Phuket

Without one or two major excursions to the most notable natural and man-made attractions in the vicinity of the' Pearl of the Andaman,' a vacation in Phuket would not be complete. The site has become so popular over the years that tour operators can choose from every corner of the resort towns on the west coast and in most hotel lobbies. With us, best sure you can find the best Phuket travel company for your tour!

Phuket island tour package

For travelers from all walks of life, the proverbial slice of heaven, Phuket, one of Thailand's southern Changwat province, is an integral part of the country. A package of Phuket tour will take you on a beautiful journey across sun-kissed beaches, thick rainforests, and lush green mountains. And what we consider the best part about Phuket holiday packages, is that this vast beach town (island) has something to offer to really everyone. Whether it's friends on a fun vacation, newly married couples in honeymoon mode, solo travelers looking to explore new destinations, or just a family looking to enjoy a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Phuket Town is always offering to all visitors a unique glimpse into Thai customs and the local way of city life, including antique homes, old markets, and still in daily use magnificent mansions. This half-day tour includes visits to a busy wet market, the quaint old town streets of Sino-Portuguese, the historical Chin Pracha Hotel, the Thai Hua Museum, and the first hotel established in 1929. Phuket trip package gives you a chance to witness the natural beauty of Thailand. You will as well as visit some of the country's most beautiful man-made attractions such as the Phuket Aquarium, the Siam Niramit Phuket, the Phuket Trickeye Museum, and others.

Which island is the best in Phuket?

Endowed with several amazing nearby islands, Phuket is your island's ultimate hopping jaunt destination. Every year millions of tourists draw the breathtaking elegance of their beaches, the dazzling hue of their seas, and the exotic marine life. While tons of these small islets are nearby, it is impossible to miss these fantastic islands near Phuket.

Koh Phi Phi

Made famous by The Beach movie, Koh Phi Phi is in the island world like a Hollywood star. Bordered by green emerald waters and bursting with vivid corals, it is no wonder that travelers fall in love with Phi Phi head over heels. Maya Bay is the anchor that draws all to Phi Phi. An amphitheater of rocky cliffs surrounding a beautiful lagoon, unlike any you have seen, it is a natural wonder. You're swimming in its crystal clear waters when you don't drool over the beautiful scenery of the frame. As part of a national park, it has some of Thailand's best dive sites. It's also one of the country's cheapest places to dive. Nights are filled with thousands of backpackers dancing across the island to the beats from littered bars. At almost every nook and corner, there are beach parties and fire shows.

James Bond Island

The picturesque island is far from being Phuket's most popular day trip. It rose to Hollywood fame and to the first pages of travel news, after being featured in a movie by James Bond (the golden gunman). Its majestic calcareous pillars make it ideal for shutterbugs to capture some beautiful shots, especially a funnel-shaped rock standing magically in the water. Lovers of adventure will discover on a kayak their tropical mangrove forests and underground caves. You will finish the trip to a floating village with an exotic Thai lunch.

Similan Island

A group of nine unspoiled islands, Similan is Thailand's undisputed No.1 site for scuba diving, with its dive sites considered among the best on the planet. With its vibrant corals and shimmering marine life, the underwater world is a palette of colors. The visibility is exceptional. No wonder it attracts divers like a moth to a flame. One of the island's striking features is its massive truck-sized rocks strewn over the landscape. For your pictures, they make a great backdrop. Since most of the island is deserted, you can all have it's ghostly Surin Island white beaches. A part of the National Park of Mu Koh Surin, Surin Island, is the equally attractive neighbor of Similan. The breathtaking blue waters and corals are a siren call for giant whale sharks. Surin is known to lure travelers away from all the hustle and bustle in search of quiet refuge. You can truly witness the very interesting daily lives of Moken or Sea Gypsies, who have been their inhabitants for decades, while you're here.

How many days in Phuket are enough?

Phuket is a big island beyond its beaches with plenty to do. As one of the pricier destinations in Thailand, your budget will be a significant factor in deciding how long to stay here. Still, if you're interested in exploring the off-the-beach attractions of the island, staying in a hostel or cheap guesthouse, and dining in local food Thai restaurants, you might definitely extend your stay for a week or even a month.

What is the best location to stay in Phuket?

If you're planning to make Phuket your next vacation destination, it's essential to choose the right part for your stay. Around the island, there are hundreds of beaches, but each of the main resort areas has a very different character. You should have a fantastic vacation if you choose the right one to suit your needs and preferences. Nevertheless, choose the wrong place, and it could make a miserable stay.

Patong Beach

This west coast resort town is best known for just one street–Bangla road–which concentrates so many bars and clubs and attracts visitors from every other beach town in Phuket! Patong has always been the leading destination of the island's nightlife. A large number of hotels surround this, ranging from luxury guesthouses to small resorts. The picturesque coastal road heading north towards Kamala takes advantage of the magnificent views of sunset by providing a more comfortable experience, but at the expense of being away from the party. There are also several excellent restaurants to enjoy in the city, countless shops, many cultural attractions, and various activities.

Kata Beach

The scope of attractions around Kata Beach as a holiday destination makes it a pretty decent all-rounder. The Beach is long and vibrant. It is a particular favorite with surfers (from May to November) and student divers (the Beach and Pu Island have a calm reef to explore). Here's a fun nightlife, but not too loud. There are several excellent restaurants, stores, perspectives, and fun activities to choose from. It offers fun for the whole family, making it a popular destination for young couples traveling with kids.

Karon Beach

The inviting sands of the island's third longest BeachBeach attracted several large, widespread resorts with designs that blend well with the surrounding nature. It gives quite a relaxed feel to a lot of Karon. However, the more urbanized northern part of the city also offers many of the nearby Patong Beach's attractions. To the extent that today, Karon is sometimes called the "little sister of Patong." It makes Karon a perfect place for people who want nightlife, shopping and different attractions, but don't necessarily want it right on their doorstep.

What is Phuket famous for?

You have heard a number about it, your friends have been asking you about it, and you already have a list of things to see and do. Phuket is a small island, just 48 kilometers long and 21 kilometers wide, but very rich in activities. This may be one of the important reasons why so famous in Phuket. Here we list some of the things that people loved most, and on their first trip, we spoke most about.

Phuket Big Buddha

This 45-meter high white marble Big Buddha has been sitting serenely on the top of Nakkerd hill in the south of Phuket for over a decade... It's certainly impressive, and it's on the list of places to visit for many travelers. There's also a magnificent panoramic view from up there. Scuba Diving Phuket's waters and the many beautiful islands around are the paradises of a diver. During the high season, the sea is full of life and incredibly transparent. Koh Phi Phi, the Similan Islands, Racha Island, and the King Cruiser wreck, to name a few, are a great beginner and advanced dive sites. Several hotels are partnering with dive centers to offer courses in the hotel pool to beginners.

Phuket Beaches

Beaches are why so many people come to Phuket. The sand, the water, hot weather, and the wind make this place unique and famous. There are over 40 beaches in Phuket, so there's one out there for you. The vast majority are on the west coast and the busiest in the south. There are also beautiful beaches in the north.

Phuket Party and Nightlife

After hanging on the BeachBeach all day is fantastic, but what will we do after that? Go back to our hotel for tomorrow, and we'll be able to do it again? No such chance! Phuket is a beautiful party island that comes to life in the evening. It comes in all forms and can be as wild or elegant as you would like it to be. With clubs, live bands, go-go bars, and half a zillion beer bars, Patong and especially Bangla Road are where the real party is. Other beaches often have a more modest nightlife, but you're never going to feel lonely... or thirsty. Also known for rooftops, beach clubs, and stage performances are Phuket. Phuket cuisine and seafood This sun tanning and the party is all nice, but it's not stopping here. Great food makes great holidays, especially when it's easy and not even expensive to find that great food. Thai food is one of the world's most popular cuisines, and you can enjoy some incredibly fresh seafood in Phuket. Phuket Day Trips  |  Phuket Day Tours  | Phuket Sightseeing Tours  | Phuket Tour Package | Phuket Luxury Tours