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James Bond Island Tours, the best tours to James Bond Island Thailand

James Bond Island Tours. James Bond Island in Phang Nga bay is certainly one of the most wonderful Islands in South of Thailand. You can experience the stunning unique Nature of Phang Nga bay with the selection of this tour to James Bond Island. You will be able to fully enjoy cruising through this spectacular must-see scenery of the beautiful Phang Nga Bay, you will be fully aware of its magnificent uniqueness’ only after a remarkable full day tour.

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Here’s the interesting thing

All exceptional James Island tours to this Phang Nga Bay, one of Thailand most beautiful spots, are full day tours and they all made this amazing place become a tourist center and a really popular tourist attraction. After the popular James Bond Movie: The Man with the Golden Gun, which was shot on this Island in 1974, this famous unique place stopped being referred as Khao Phing Kan and Ko Ta Pu but took a new name as James Bond Island.

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James Bond Island tours from Phuket and Krabi

Ever wanted to visit exotic islands where James Bond has been? Even wanted to see a whole village floating on top of the water? The bay of Phang Nga has two amazing islands named Tapu Island or Island and Panyee Island; they are famous for their location, the culture, the scenery, and these islands have some interesting facts about them that you should know.

Panyee Island:

Panyee Island is famous for its scenery. The locals of this island are mostly Muslims. This island has a whole village floating on top of the seawater at its outskirts. The locals have their houses built on the water surface while a small piece of land for building mosques and graveyards. The frontal area is the Limestone cliff above the sea.

The locals live on fishes from the sea, so that is why most of the people are fishermen by trade, they catch the fish, and they have their restaurants opened for the tourists, these locals also sell souvenirs to the visitors. This is one of the most famous tourist spot in the world that many tourists come to visit. 

Tapu Island:

After the beauty of Panyee Island comes Tapu Island. Tapu Island also called the James Bond Island. The Tapu Island or the James Bond Island tour is the giant standing rock standing tall in the middle of the sea. It is located at the front bay near to the Pingkan Mountain. If you look at the stone from far, you can see that it looks like a nail which has its point stuck deep into the seawater. Tapu Island is a very famous tourist spot because of its beauty.

Even Hollywood could not resist from filming an episode of The James Bond movie series here

The episode is called the Golden Gun and because if this the Tapu Island has been called the James Bond Island.

At this point, all the traveler's world realize...

This fact has arisen the curiosity of many and attracted many tourist to this Island. There are a number of the limestone cliff that is rising out of the water as if piercing the heart of the sea. The most famous among the limestone cliffs is the one in the form of the needle at the James Bond Island that was even featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. This movie was shot in 1974 on the Phang Nga Bay of the Tapu Island and since then people have been calling it the James Bond Island.

The magic od kayaking in the lagoons!

Another beautiful activity to do at this island is canoeing; sitting in a canoe and going boating the streams, which are passing through the rocks of limestone, to the other end is a great adventure to have. The tourists can see the beauty if the James Bond Island in a 25 kilometers long cruise around the Phang Nga Bay, the area is located at the north-east of the Phuket. The distance is very long so you can enjoy a whole day of sailing around the Phang Nga Bay.

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However, if you still want to enjoy the cruise and set your sails in the winds of the beautiful islands of Phang Nga Bay then do not hold yourself back. The James Bond Islands is the most attractive one among the other islands of Thailand, and A James Bond Island tour is a must if you ever visit the islands of Thailand. Other than the beautiful and attractive Tapu Island and Panyee Island, there are a number of another island with breathtaking sceneries and thrilling sports for tourists in Phang Nga Bay such as Maju Mountain, Grotto, Panag Island, Hong Island, and Pingkan Island

What should be your priority?

If you do not believe us, then check for yourself that it is impressive to be there. But your priority should be viewing all the fantastic places around, such as we would suggest you that your tour is incomplete if you are not going to visit the Phang Nga National Park along with your journey. You can do many extra activities there along with enjoying the view; when you are paying a visit to the James bond island, then you should keep it in your list that you must go to the famous Panyee village that is also known as the fisherman village. There is canoe in lagoons, and then you get to see the tropical jungles along with the limestone cliffs.

How should you go?

The most famous is James bond island tours via the speedboats, it allows you to go and visit the majestic and amazing caves that take you into the world of the lagoon that flow into these caves. This is a thing about Thailand that when you go over there, you will be lost in the lagoons. The James bond island tours take you to the Loy Krathong that has various parks and islands with the best scenery and atmosphere.

What to do from Krabi?

You can start the journey from Krabi till the James bond island by a speed boat. The popularity of the Khao Ping Kan is that it was featured in the movie “The man with the Golden Gun”. You can experience all you want with the help of the guided tour provided by James bond island tours.


Suggestions and indications

If you are looking for a Phang Nga Bay tour that also brings you to a beautiful snorkeling location: With our trips to James Bond Island, you will appreciate the pure serenity and calmness of this most beautiful region and Bay. After all, you will even take a visit to the astounding Hong Island to have excellent fun canoeing among mangrove forest. You will also make a visit to other pearl islands such as Khai islands, beautiful Panak island, and more.

Charming views James Bond Island tours are always holding many beautiful, mouthwatering offers and many highlights for all visitors. The most popular and visited of them all is, of course, the upright standing rock. This rock formation is referred to as one of the most charming and by far one of the most famous rock formations in the whole of Thailand, mainly because it has a unique and incredible shape and always offers a fantastic view. Enjoy this James Bond Island tours and grab the opportunity to engage and experience this different activity, water sports such as canoeing, swimming, kayaking, sightseeing, collecting amazing memories and photographs, living every amazing and breathtaking moment.

Speedboat, big boat, longtail boat. Chose your favorite!

The tours to James Bond Island are carried out via new speed boat and large boats to help comfort and to shorten travel time, or with longtail boats to extend the time you will use to fully enjoy all the different activities on the Islands you visit. The James Bond Tour Packages or day trips will offer you a great and unique chance to explore these sensational lagoons of Phang Nga Bay islands, the passageways by the kayaking or canoeing will allow you to view in a new way all these spectacular sceneries, where secret lagoons meet amazing majestic caves. James Bond Island Tour is always recommended for family, solo travelers, couples, guests of any age, everybody who desire to get an accurate picture of the beauty of Thailand as a memorable escape day.