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Phi Phi Island Tours, the best day tours to Phi Phi Island

  See also the very informative guides about Phi Phi island tours:   Maya Bay holds immense charm. The shores of Phi Phi Don are also the venue of one of the best beach parties on the island. Visit Monkey Beach. Located at a 10-minute boat or kayak ride from Loh Dalum, this virgin beach is a reminder of the lost world. Or, try the Sunset kayaking trip under the cliffs of Phi Phi. Phi Phi island tours for you?

Is it the first time you are going to visit Phuket?

Being a travel enthusiast you can never resist going to the places such as Phuket because it has so much for you there, the hidden island's beauty just cannot be ignored because it can be your next travel destination. If you want to know all the best things Phuket hold for you, then one must start from Phi Phi islands because it is the place that you should visit. This is the place that is the center of attention for all the travelers arriving in Phuket and Krabi. All the tourist will guide you there when you ask them about the best place in Phuket. If you are going to miss Phi Phi island tours during your visit, well ... you are losing an opportunity.

Is best to visit in high season time?

Yes true, but the islands tours will be available daily, so you can visit Phi Phi islands every time you like.

If you already do not know then let us guide you about the distance, the Phi Phi islands are the most beautiful and are situated 45 km south-east in the Phuket. There are six islands over there. First, you should know about the major ones if you are going for Phi Phi island tours. The major ones is Phi Phi Don. Then comes the Phi Phi Leh with the Maya Bay that has also been featured in the famous movie such as “The Beach.” There are limestone cliffs that can be one reason for their popularity, along with the green emerald waters that are complimenting the white powdery sand beaches.

What makes this so unique?

Furthermore, you would love to see the coral reefs that will motivate you enough that you go and try fantastic snorkeling. A Phi Phi island tour will facilitate you in all the activities that are going to be carried out there. You will have the option of sightseeing, snorkeling and swimming at the fantastic Maya Bay, Monkey beach, Pileh Cove, Viking cave and the Loh Samah Bay.

Visit all the most beautiful locations!

Phi Phi tours will take you everywhere without any hassle. The Phi Phi islands are like 50 minutes away from the Phuket if you go for the option of speedboats. The tour will bring you to the best parts of Phi Phi Islands National Park, open for the visitors and tourists any time of the year.

Is a one in a lifetime experience, we would always suggest going for the best tour available!

The exotic beaches are all surrounded with the bushes of palm along with the dazzling monoliths that are decorated with the breathtaking limestone.

A fantastic set for your incredible pictures!

These are the things due to which the tourists can’t resist going over there. The Phi Phi Island is sitting between the large island of Phuket and the Western Andaman sea coast of the mainland. The reasons for going over there are as follows: It is going to be a once in a lifetime experience, and chance to shoot for you and your friend's fantastic pictures, memories that will live with you forever. For many travelers, once they will go over there, they feel like that they are still not getting enough of it. It was always the case with me. For me, one day tour is not enough, as I love spending time around the viewpoints and the streets in the late afternoon sunset and the evenings

My choice: Phi Phi Island by speedboat Open Ticket

That's why I always opted for an open ticket for the tours, as I wanted to stay at least 2 night always. I still continued the tour after my time on Phi Phi Don, when the crew comes to meet me at the Tonsai Pier. Happy to see me again> let's go continue now what is left of the tour and let's go back to Phuket together!

It’s unique:

Phi Phi island is one of those destinations that never get old for the tourists, whenever they go over there they go to Phi Phi all the time because it always gives them a fresh feeling. It is said that it is one destination due to which keep on going back to Thailand. The landscapes and the seaside is not something to miss while you are there, and you can reach there in less than an hour if you get the Phi Phi tours.

Water fun:

You have chosen the option of speedboats tour to Phi Phi islands, and you have the facility to engage yourself in any water activity there. The area is famous for the unique snorkeling time you might enjoy, especially in the Phi Leh lagoon. We are sure you are adventurer, then why won’t you love swimming in this astonishing water. You will be amazed by the many superb locations for snorkeling around Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. If you like the night, then you should go and enjoy the bars and pub and chose the option of an open ticket.


You will fall in love with Phi Phi island tours, as it has to offer you a lot. You will most probably consider it as the most beautiful destination in your lifetime.