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Phi Phi Island Tours from Patong & Krabi by Speedboat

The Phi Phi Island is a great tourist destination. It is located between the large island of Phuket and the western Andaman sea coast of the mainland. Applauded throughout the globe, this Island is really a component from the Maritime Park.  The exotic beaches surrounded with palm bushes and dazzling monoliths fashioned by limestone are generally two from the main attractions that maintain guests coming back to Phi Phi Island each and every year. Phi Phi Island Tours are one of the main reasons why tourists love to go back in Thailand. The wide ranging landscapes from the seaside were exhibited within the Hollywood film ‘The Beach’ that is an additional motive behind its attractiveness. On speedboat to Phi Phi island, you can engage in water sports and activities for which the area is famously for. If you love diving, you’ll be delighted by Hin Muang, the rock formation that juts out of ocean at low tide. Below you can discover the best tours in Phi Phi Island Thailand, we have available a huge of the best day tour speedboat to Phi Phi Island and by catamaran for those looking for a comfortable Phi Phi island day trip.

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Phi Phi Island Tours, the best day tours in Phi Phi Island

Located barely 45 minutes speedboat ride from the island, Hin Muang has steep ridges measuring 30 meters to 60 meters. The variety of marine life, including whale sharks and manta rays, adds to the experience. Snorkeling at Long Beach is another popular attraction among tourists on Phi Phi island tour package. Here it is common to encounter the magnificent 2m long Black Tip Reef Sharks. There is no need to worry; these creatures are timid by nature. Snorkeling here, you will enjoy the exquisite coral reefs situated offshore.

Maya Bay holds immense charm to movie buffs. It is also the venue of one of the best beach parties on the island. To spend a lazy day amidst nature, visit Monkey Beach. Located at a 10-minute boat or kayak ride from Loh Dalum, this virgin beach is a reminder of the lost world. Or, try the Sunset kayaking trip under the cliffs of Phi Phi.

If you enjoy nightlife, there are many bars and pubs to enjoy. They are easy to find, centrally located, and not what you would expect. While bands in the bars may stop playing at 2am, bars tend to serve drinks as long as they have customers. Unlike other areas around the world, you feel safer in the bars and everyone only come for the purpose of having a good time.