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Khao Lak Tours, the best tours in Khao Lak Thailand

Khao Lak Tours. Khao Lak is a glamorous tourist location in Thailand, with its pristine sandy beaches, local restaurants and sports activities for one and all; Khao Lak tours are a major gateway for most tourists and locals. Khao Lak is also popularly known for its vibrant nightlife. Visitors can enjoy cocktails at the Dragon Bar that’s on the beach where they can relax in a tranquil ambience with the sound of the waves as an accompaniment. The Red Snapper Bar offers dinner and drinks as a quiet interlude and the Kuk Kak Club keeps up the beat with dancing and good food. Khao Lak is known for its charming and boisterous cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs. With an extremely cosmopolitan crowd visiting this seaside resort, hanging out in bars brings you face to face with people from all over the world. Below you can find the best tours in Khao Lak Thailand.

Sharing stories over glasses of wine and pints of beer comes naturally to one and all in these friendly pubs. The nightlife might not be very hedonistic but that does nothing to decrease the charm of the laid-back pubs. The most happening place to enjoy Khao lak is the Happy Snapper Restaurant and Snap Bar which is known for its nighttime appeal and thus easily enchants people. A perfect concoction of décor, music, food and people, it is the place to be whilst in Khao Lak. One can literally boogie here at this lively pub and have the time of their life. Some of the other popular pubs and bars include the Monkey Bar, the Tarzan Bar and the O'Connor's Irish pub, which is known for the single malt whiskies and international draught beers it serves to its customers.

Finally, you can conclude your Khao lak tours with shopping in it perfect complexes; you can also relax at luxurious hotels in Khao Lak that add to the comfort of a marvelous holiday.