Quick and Easy Guide to Find the Best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

Phi Phi island view point. Quick and Easy Guide to Find the Best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

Find the best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

First of all, before you read through this article, we would love to be sure you know that all the content here will serve only one purpose: to inform you about everything you need to know about Phi Phi island tours, the tour you would love to choose, the tours you would prefer to book online or whenever you will book it.

Do you know? We have been working in this field of expertise for about 7 years and I have seen thousands of arrivals and travelers coming to Phuket, it’s no secret anymore that almost all of them wanted to see you behind.

Either to stay on Phi Phi Don for some nights or one night or just to visit the islands with a day tour, no matter what is the country of provenience, all travelers are always attracted by this Islands.

It’s clear why, once you will be there you will understand too.

We think is really important because we know and we have been there before, you’re coming to this part of Thailand for the first time or the second time and probably you have never been to the Phi Phi islands yet.

Still, of course, you’re looking for information online, as you want to know in-depth when you can go and how you can go, what would be the best way to go for you!

Read this article, we just want to save you time.

Let’s find out together first off all the best way to find your Phi Phi island day trip

I want you to find in one place all the information you need about the boats,  about the timings, about the boat crews, the companies.

You will know from which port is better to depart, where are the best locations and the best spots for incredible pictures, and so on and so on. We are trying not to miss any information and anyway we will always update this article every time we have new ideas to share.  

There are so many possibilities to see Phi Phi Islands with so many different itineraries and different boats.

Let’s find exactly the way that you would love to go to Phi Phi islands

In order to make the right choice, you need to collect info about which Islands the tour will visit, (other than Phi Phi Islands), as almost all the Phi Phi tours will mix in the itinerary Phi Phi islands with some other stops at other tropical islands in the surroundings of Phuket.

If you have time we really suggest you continue reading, as it is better to know everything before you arrive in Phuket, because once you will be there, you will be stopped on the road by the staff of many tour kiosks.

They will be just trying to sell a random tour they make the most money out of it, with usually barely 0 (zero) English skills, even if they would love to inform you about something with more clarity, they really can’t do it.

Of course you can be lucky and you probably can find from some of these street businesses which might be able to explain you some features of the tour, but most of the time they will just hand you the brochure then expect you to read the few info that is on the tiny space of the papers in between the pictures.

We are just being straight forward here, to remind you that clarity is the key when looking for more info about Phi Phi island tours!

The best way to start I think is as to why are the options of the boats.

After that we will go through the ports departure, different companies and the different Crews.

Phi Phi island tour by big boat

The cruises to Phi Phi Islands, Comfortable Phi Phi

A fantastic solution if you have a family because you onboard you have many different decks, plenty of space to work around the cruise, to be on top of the open deck, to rest and relax inside in the lounge with air condition.

There are also toilets, which of course are not the most space of the cruise, but still, they are decent, and you can use them anytime you want.

Onboard there is also a bar that serves soft drinks and snacks.

All the cruises that operate on the route and on the tours to Phi Phi islands are quite similar, they 2 (two) inside lounges usually, one for regular tickets, one for premium tickets, in the second case the lounge usually offer much larger seat, more comfortable for a nap, some more free beverages.

You will always have the upper open deck to enjoy sunbathing, seating in the sea breeze and find some moments for really nice pictures!

The cruise will always be your options for the tours if you are a large family if you are traveling with elderly guests so you would prefer to have more comfort and space, even if the route with cruise will take more time.

Especially the best choice for pregnant ladies, as no speedboats, for obvious reasons on health, they would not allow you onboard, as any doctor would never suggest sustaining hours bumpy speedboat riding.

Keep in mind also that these tours, as they host more than 100 guests, will always demand you to pay cash on tour the extra fees for the National Park in Phi Phi island, these payments are mandatory in cash for every cruise tour.

On the tours, there will always be a guide that has the task of collecting from you the cash, so just relax and get the cash ready when you are asked.

The speedboat tours to Phi Phi islands

On a speedboat tour, you will definitely face many advantages.

The high season sure pick: the Phi Phi Tour by Speedboat from Phuket

First of all, there are many beautiful departure piers and points, for this speedboat tours, all around the Eastern coast of Phuket, we will see them later on in the article.

But definitely, is you like to take pictures and see very nice local Piers, this speedboat tours are a really good option for you.

There are some departure piers such as Royal Phuket Marina or Boat Lagoon that are really pretty locations to start your day, to start to produce really unique memories with beautiful pictures and beautiful background!

Keep in mind that the best speedboat tours would always include the Phi Phi National Park fees in their ticket price.

Be aware of the companies or the tours that do not include National Park fees in the price

As they already have this tendency, there could be other hidden costs for your in the tour as the company might not be clear about the information, as the boat operators could result in a cheap speedboat and a poorly performed tour …

The speedboat tours are made always all included and you should be able to go on the tour just with little cash with you, just in case you want to purchase some more drink on the islands or some souvenier. All the rest should be totally included!

Another plus!

The speedboat will have direct access to the sandy beaches and to the shallow waters, such as the privilege to enter the famous Phi Leh lagoon when visiting Phi Phi Leh. We would never give away this privilege to swim and snorkel in this incredible lagoon, so if you really have the chance you really should opt for the speedboat tour that also includes Phi Leh lagoon!

An easy list to follow, about what we consider being the most unique itineraries for your experience:

The departure piers that we really suggest you look out for:

Royal Phuket Marina

If you would love to see how a Premium Pier really looks like, Royal Phuket Marina is the Pier for you, a very well known and designed world-class Pier destination. This Pier combines a very luxurious waterfront living and lounges, with a state-of-the-art marina.

Perfect spot for your tour pictures and to start the tour day experience.

A truly sophisticated high-tech Pier, Royal Phuket Marina has 5 Gold Anchor Award. The Pier is the choice for some of the best boat operators of the island, as we mentioned.

Situated just on the east coast of Phuket, Royal Phuket Marina is easy to reach, having also the main entrance facing the main Phuket road 402. From here the operators easily reach the magnificent cliffs of Krabi, of Phang Nga Bay, the amazing beaches of Koh Phi Phi islands.

Boat Lagoon

Yet another picturesque Pier, the Boat Lagoon, with its 180 wet berths and many dry stacking bays, it is such an outstanding view for every traveler who reaches the Pier to start a day tour.

A really comfortable environment awaits all visitors at Boat lagoon.

Phuket Boat Lagoon is a real nautical township with a very high international standard.

Ko Sire Pier

Every visitor and traveler here can have a great glimpse of the typical Thai Pier, surrounded by the nature of Koh Sire.

All here is very basic but yet very attractive for pictures and the real typical local tmos[here, far away from large vessels and always with a fresh sea breeze.

Phi Phi island tour from Patong

During the years, very typical options, as most of the guests in the early day of Phuket tourism experience, they were spending their time in Patong. Nowadays this is not really the case anymore, many other locations have developed really really well, offering a more peaceful experience than the busy and packed Patong.

For this reason actually most of the speedboat tours offer free pick up and drop off service from many main tourist locations in Phuket, such as Kata and Karon, or Kamala and Surin but also form Phuket Town, which has gained more popularity with also backpackers during the recent years.

The tour companies usually offer, with a little extra charge to be paid cash on tour, the transfer service also from all other main locations in Phuket, such as Rawai or Nai Harn, Bang Tao or the northern part of Phuket. Usually, the extra charge is per person and is usually around 200 Thai Baht.

Such transfer has a cost as if you depart from Rawi (south of Phuket) or from the northern parts of Phuket like Bang tao or Nai Yang, it can take more than 50 minutes to reach the best departure Piers of Phuket. So, be patient and enjoy the view on the island on the way to the Pier!

Quick and Easy Guide to Find the Best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

Best Phi Phi island tour company

We always rate high the companies having a really experienced and well-trained team on board the speedboats, the companies that have really modern boats with all engines and instrumentations well updated.

All the companies that offer all included services and that depart from the Piers we previously mentioned, as they would have then also a really nice lounge to host you for the quick breakfast and for the briefing of the tour guides that will be later on with you onboard on the speedboat!

The companies we rate extremely high according to those criteria:

All the following boat operators have very very similar high standards so we do not want to put a numbered listto risk to drive you to chose one over the other, the choice should be also according to the itinerary you wish


The plus: probably the best modern fleet of vessels, departs from really beautiful Royal Phuket Marina, with a very nice lounge.

The best itinerary for Phi Phi islands with SeaStar

Crystal Sea Marine

A special plus: Such a good organization with free pick up and drop off from literally everywhere in Phuket. It also departs from Royal Phuket Marina.

Crystal Sea Marine premium tour to Phi Phi and Khai islands

The Beach Sea Trips

It also departs from Royal Phuket Marina.

The Beach Sea Trips Phi Phi Island Sunrise Tour

Ocean Mania Phuket

Answers all criteria and departs from the Boat Lagoon yacht pier. Really nice itinerary with Phi Phi and Bamboo Island.

Phi Phi and Bamboo Island itinerary with Ocean Mania

Diamond Sea Marine

Answers all criteria and departs from the Boat Lagoon yacht pier.

Diamond Sea Phi Phi premium tour

Phi Phi island tour timings

Timing will depend on the itinerary you will select.

At the earliest, you would have to be ready around 4.45 AM for a Phi Phi sunrise tour itinerary, while for an itinerary like a sunset tour, depending on the area where your Hotel is, you should be ready about 10 am to wait for the driver for the pick up at your hotel.

Phi Phi island tour price

Here is another important characteristic of these tours.

Differently than other famous routes, the Phi Phi islands tour route is actually served by so many companies and operators, the typical jungle of information where every guest is trying to get the most info out of few words on a brochure.

Well, the reality is that there are many itineraries and companies that are way too different.

We find the most differences in the quality of the service and food (the included buffet lunch), in the quality of the departure pier, of the crew onboard with you.

We strongly suggest 2 very important things!

First of all, do not choose by pricing only

Second, do not chose any tour by reading some random reviews online

We would never care to decide to follow a useless review online of traveler that an operator wasn’t good because a driver was late at a hotel pick up, as that can depend only of other careless travelers who were very late before you, or on the traffic, that in pick reason is a real mess in Phuket traffic jam times.

We would never decide reading a random review online as that could form in you false, very false expectations.

We all need to remember very clearly that a review of a tour is just, and we say 2 times just, a personal and subjective opinion that cannot reflect the value of a tour.

A random traveler would never know the actual value of what he is paying for and absolutely does not have any experience what so ever to compare his tour with others.

Forming personal expactations for a tour is always a huge mistake that will still joy from your tour moments

(consider this also when you decide itinerary and timing, as the regular tours follow regular timing and are the most crowded with lowest prices, so you will definitely raise pick up time during traffic jams)

Remember that there will be many variables that can affect your tour, such as the sea conditions, the clearness of the sky, the type of company you will have onboard from the other guests o the tour with you.

Quick and Easy Guide to Find the Best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

Phi Phi island tour itinerary

Itineraries for the Phi Phi islands tours can differ as we said by timing, but mostly by locations listed for sightseeing and activities on the itinerary.

For example, the most popular but also more crowded tours will bring guests to visit bot Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh and will stop also at one of the Khai islands, as they are on the route from Phuket to Phi Phi island with just a little diversion.

Premium tours, including the impressive and well-organized Sunrise tours, will bring.

There are tours that mix the itinerary even further, the famous Phi Phi island evening tour from Phuket is a good example, ran by Sea Horse Marine, departs later during the morning, visits Maiton island reef for snorkeling and coming back from Phi Phi islands will stop at Khai islands to let the guests enjoy the sunset views!

Phi Phi Maya and bamboo island tour

Being usually an itinerary for Premium tours, and being Bamboo island such a nice authentic place to visit, usually much less crowded then Phi Phi islands or Khai islands, this is an itinerary we always feel we need to suggest as:

Your first choice

How was Maya Bay when speedboats could reach directly on the beach before June 2018?

Quick and Easy Guide to Find the Best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

How to spend 1 day in Phi Phi island?

You can follow this pretty guide if you like to spend more time on the Phi Phi islands, even if it would be low season.

The best tips to visit Phi Phi Don in low season

Another option for you would be to choose what is called ”the open ticket”. Whit this option you can run the tour to Phi Phi islands by speedboat but you will stop the tour ad Tonsai Pier on Phi Phi Don, to be able to spend part of your holiday.

When you will need to return back to Phuket, you will then continue the second part of your tour.

Find the best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

When you are on a tour to Thailand, just as a reminder if you have arrived till here reading, you can definitely not miss going to Phi Phi Island.

If you are on a large group traveling, your best option could be to book a private, customized or planned tour, but as we know the average online booking consists in couple travelers or 3 persons, then this article can give you a clearer idea about which are your best options to visit Phi Phi islands with the best tours available.

There are many companies that are offering Phi Phi island tours nut at the end your choice will depend on mostly the itinerary you are looking for, the timing that suits you the best.

Thousands of tourists, each day, are always looking for tours to the Phi Phi Island because it’s not something you would like to miss on your vacations in the south of Thailand.

If you are going there for the first time and you have no information about the spots there then we are here to guide you. If you choose the tour which includes the mesmerizing Maya Bay sightseeing and the Phi Leh Lagoon in it.

Then it might be a little more expensive for you comparing to the basics Phi Phi sightseeing tour, but the choice will be always worth it, especially if you are really looking for the best picturesque locations for your memorable pictures of the day.

The various tours might be costing you somewhere between between1100 Thai Baht and 3000 Thai Baht, but let us tell you that every price range is totally worth it.

Let us get into the details of the Phi Phi Island tour, in order to check that, what are the spots you can cover while you book a tour for Phi Phi Island?

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh Island

It is the first stop when you book the tour to Phi Phi Island, and we can assure you that it is the first stop for a reason.

At the moment, since June 2018, Maya Bay is closed to let the coral reef reforming, there are no signs what so ever of any date of reopening in the near future, as the process might take many years to complete at a reasonable level.

The reason why we are recommending you the early bird tour is that you can reach Maya Bay and eventually also the Phi Leh  Lagoon before they get too crowded and you won’t be enjoying properly.

It takes 15 minutes in the speedboat to reach Maya bay, there are many companies that include Maya Bay in the tour you should choose the one that makes you reach early over there. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the speedboat ride is quite bumpy.

We cannot explain the sunrise at Maya Bay because that is one of the precious and a thing that you should be experiencing. This is something you can experience if you are taking part in a tour departing from the nearest Phi Phi Don pier, but anyway nowadays you would have the same experience in the Phi Leh Lagoon, while you will be sightseeing Maya Bay from the boats.

It is so peaceful to see, when you reach Maya Bay you will see that there is another little beach on the side, a nice spot to put inside your pictures. This spot is referred to as “Leonardo Di Caprio” on Maps.me the reason is that it was in the 2000 movie.

Start taking the picture as soon as you get there, during the day there might be many speedboats passing by for the sightseeing, so once again, choosing a sunrise tour, also for the sightseeing, can be the best option!

Phi Phi Island Snorkeling

If you are an adventurous traveler, we are sure that you would love to dive in and see the marine life. You can jump in the water because it is just around the corner from Maya Bay.

You will be provided with the snorkeling kit and you are all ready to look for sharks in the water, the one you would be witnessing are only a meter or two-meter long.

The Black Tip Reef sharks are commonly found in the southern area of Koh Phi Phi Island. There are other types of fishes in the shallow waters too, the water you would see is calm and clear which lets you see through it and witness the amazing marine life.

Maybe you are just scared because you think that there are sharks in the water because most of the people get nervous when they hear this.

Just for your information, these sharks are extremely cautious about interacting in proximity to humans.

Here is a little tip that you should remember the number on the side of the boat because almost all the boats look similar.

Phi Leh Lagoon

This is going to be the third stop, and it is all about swimming and we hope that you are not tired. There is no fear of shark or any marine life here, so if you were nervous in case of snorkeling then go ahead and swim your heart out.

You will be witnessing the incredible limestone cliffs, you will feel like you are surrounded by them.

The scenery is amazing, another thing is the loud beats in the boats which is a tradition in Thailand’s culture. You will get to listen to the songs, maybe repeatedly and you might be annoyed because there are speakers everywhere.

Quick and Easy Guide to Find the Best Phi Phi island tour from Phuket

The “Viking Cave”

More like a photo stop for you, but most of the tourists are curious to see what so special there.

You will be seeing the sketchy bamboo, and one of the interesting things there are the Swiftlet birds’ nests, that are harvested and then hunted by the people.

These nests are edible and it is believed in the Chinese culture that eating them is really good for human skin.

There are cliffs and whatnot. You can take amazing photos there from the boat.

The Monkey Beach of Koh Phi Phi Don

In most of the tours, it is the final stop Of Phi Phi tours, and it is one of the steps that take you to the inhabited island of Phi Phi Don.

Before you go over there, you should know that it is a tourist favorite place and people want to reach there as much as you want to. It is a hotspot for tourism and is always full of tourists.

You will be roaming around to all these places in the speedboat, as soon as you get off the speedboat you need to make sure that you have in mind that it’s named as monkey beach for a reason.

The monkeys over there know how to take food from you, they know where they have to go in case they want to be fed.

All the tourists that go over there feed these monkeys and now they are used to it. There is no doubt that the monkeys are now extremely comfortable with humans but they are cunning.

It is very rare, that the monkeys try to bite you. In case you are offering them food they will come and grab it without hurting you.

If you have any type of food with you, and if the monkeys will see it then they will rush towards you. This is mostly fun, but we would still recommend staying sane as they are wild animals they deserve care and love but if they hurt you unintentionally for food it will be ruining your whole tour.

There are still a few things that we would like to tell you

The beach is littered, it is littered to an extent that it might be disappointing you. There is no doubt that all of this littered belongs to us and not to the monkeys.

It is their home and we as a human should try our best to save the environment. It is just a little tip that if you want to give them food, do not give those bottles or packets of chips.

Here are some other tips that you need to know, one of them is that do not mess with the baby monkeys because there is no doubt that when you are trying to touch a baby monkey, the mother will definitely be offended.

Even if you are just trying to play the mother monkey can presume that you are going to hurt her child. So, stay on the safe side.

Another tip is that when you are going with a tour that is starting early in the morning then you can enjoy more because you will get to see fewer crowds.

Some useful information about Phi Phi Island tour

If you are going for a tour that is taking you early in the morning, then the companies will be offering you tours in the range of 800-900 Baht which makes it around $36-40 AUD.

You will be noticing that different companies have to offer you different itineraries, you have to choose one of your choices.

Most of the tours serve you with Thai donuts and free coffee in the tour price. You can enjoy this coffee and donut early in the morning at the pier.

There are many tours that will not be providing you with food as in lunch on this tour price because this tour will end around mid-day.

You have to keep in mind that the sped-boat will be leaving the main pier of Ton Sai Bay at around 6:30 am in the morning.

You have to be there on time, if you are late they might not take you along, and we would do the best to ensure you can go on other day and not make the boat operator consider your action as a no show, nut remember you will have to pay an extra for the mistake!

There is an entrance fee that you have to pay in order to enter the Phi Phi National Park, this is around 400 Baht and that is obviously covered within the tour price and this is the reason why we said that going with a tour is the best idea.

You have to keep a record that you have paid the payment to the tour company you are going with. It can be an email or a receipt because of the reason that you have to show it before you are going to check in the boat.

Few tips for the Phi Phi Island tour

Here are a few useful tips that can help you while you are at the Phi Phi Island, or going there by a tour.

First things first, you actually do not need good shoes while you are at the Phi Phi Island, the reason is that it’s a place full of water and we would be suggesting out to tale flip-flops or thongs along because that would be more comfortable and easy to carry.

You can always enjoy your heart out when you are not bound to carry your joggers or shoes along because it’s obvious you will have to take them off at some point.

Most of the viewpoints there are sandy beaches and the rest of them are the spots for swimming due to which we think that you do not need to carry shoes along.

There is another tip, do not carry too much food when you reach Monkey beach for obvious reasons.

You should keep the sunscreen with you, there is no doubt that most of the tour is early in the morning but still if your skin is sensitive and can burn easily then use it.

You will be provided with drinking water in the boats, but you will not be provided with food. We would recommend keeping fruits and snacks along because you can enjoy the brunch when you are back from the tour at a cozy place.

Highlights of the tour to Phi Phi Island

You will get to see more of the Phi Phi Island, due to the speedboat facility because it is the mean of transport to take you from one place to another. When you choose to go on a tour, it is affordable than to go by yourself.

You can relax at different spots, take pictures and enjoy the scenic view from the speedboat.

You get to swim in many shallow water points for free, not only that you can enjoy sunbathing and snorkeling.

You get to see the bay which is famous as “The Beach”, due to the movie.

You will be picked up from your hotel and the tour will be dropping you back off as well.

What you should really expect in the tour

As it is obvious that this Phi Phi Island tour begins with picking you up from your hotel in Phuket, this pick up will take you to the pier point. When you reach over there, you will have to board in the speedboat that is taking you to the Phi Phi islands.

This ride is going to be scenic, the first stop will be the Maya Bay, which is famous due to the filming of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie from the year 2000 named as “The Beach”.

The second thing you will be enjoying is cruising to the Pileh Lagoon, which is a natural lagoon full of sheer cliffs. Then you will be taken to the Viking cave famous as a photo spot for tourists.

You can do snorkeling over there and then you can observe the interesting nesting seabirds.

The next stop is the Phi Phi Leh, where you can have lunch if you want and if you have chosen a tour that included lunch in it then this is the place where you can enjoy a buffet.

You can swim, snorkel and explore in the free time on Bamboo Island.

There is a reason that it is known as Bamboo Island because it is full of bamboos. Then sailing to the Monkey bay, in order to observe the natural habitat. Then finally going back to Phuket in the speedboat, and drop off to your hotel.

The Phi Phi Island Tour Itinerary

Most probably the time of the tours starts from 6:30 am but it goes till 7:30 am as well.

Some ours offer until 08:00 am as well. It includes transportation from the hotel till the pier and then the trip starts to the island.

At almost 08:00-09:00-12:00 am is the time for departure, this would include the sight-seeing and snorkeling activities. Then going at relaxing at Maya Beach, which includes sight-seeing and much more. Then covering the Viking cave and the last spot is the monkey beach.

Around 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm you will be sightseeing and snorkeling takes place, you can enjoy meals if you want. Departure towards the Khai Nok Island for snorkeling and sunbath.

02:00-03:30 pm is going to be the relaxation time on the beach, you can swim and take sunbathe.

At 04:00 pm or at 04:30 it is the time to return back to Phuket from the Khai Nok Island to towards the destination of Phuket. Transfer back to the hotel.

What you can do for tour confirmation

1. First of all, you have to choose a company that is offering you early bird tours because that is the best, they might be a little expensive but just go with it because they are worth it.

2. After you register with the company, you will receive an email, in which all the confirmation details will be available. When your bookings are reserved you will receive this email instantly.

3. The time when you will receive the second email, you will have some details in it such as the tour guide and the number of the driver for your tour day.

4. You will have to use the number in order to contact them directly because the hotel pickups can take longer sometimes due to traffic or anything else. You can guide the driver properly.

5. You can obviously notify any issue to the tour company by writing them in an email. In case you are changing your pick up location, then you can notify them.

6. In case you are deciding to change the pick up after the booking is done, in that case as well you can notify the company regarding this and you can send an email to them.

Some of the key details of the Phi Phi Island on a speedboat

The location of Departure and return is obviously going to be your hotel.
The time for departure is going to be around 06:30 am to 8:00 am, not late than that.
The return time from the tour is going to be around 5:30 pm.
You can wear a swimming suit if you want, or a light t-shirt with shorts will obviously work.

What is going to be INCLUDED in the Phi Phi island tour?

You will be getting the transport facilities from your hotel, and then you will be dropped back to your hotel as well or the departing point you choose. The transport will take you to the pier, it will be a round trip.

  • The tours normally offer you drinking water, tea, coffee, soft drinks
  • The National Park entry fee is included in it
  • You will be provided with the snorkeling kits, life jackets for swimming
  • If you have language problems, the tour guide will be English speaking
  • Some tours provide insurance policies as well

What to BRING along on a Phi Phi island tour?

If you are not wearing a swimming suit, bring one along.

We suggest you keep extra clothes for your comfort.

  • A light t-shirt as extra clothes
  • You better bring a beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Shades or a hat
  • Extra pair of flip-flops
  • A camera if you want, but we tell you: It is needed!


The tour itinerary can change according to the weather conditions and the tide conditions on the island. If you are experiencing pregnancy, then we would suggest you avoid going because the speedboats ride can be a little bumpy and you should not take risks.

Also, the child under 1 year old should not be taken along due to safety reasons.

It is one of the tours that you should not miss, and in our opinion, it is best to go with a tour guide. In case you still have any confusion regarding this tour, do not hesitate to leave your concerns in the comment section below and we would love to help you out.

Phi Phi island tour from Krabi

If your holiday will be insted at Krabi, let’s go after another incredible day tour experience with

Krabi to Phi Phi Islands Tour by Speedboat