Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Ultimate selections of the best Krabi Day Trips

 Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Ultimate selections of the best Krabi Day Trips

Krabi Sightseeing Tours 

The ultimate selections of the best Krabi Day Trips

Anyone who visits Thailand will have at one point or another visited one of nature’s marvels on this beautiful planet of ours called Krabi, anyone would seek to experience some of the most attractive Krabi sightseeing tours during the holiday in this astounding province!

Krabi like most famous places in Thailand is iconic for the jaw-dropping majestic views that it beholds the eyes. In every sense of the world, Krabi is one of God’s gifts to man and is a true paradise on earth.

Krabi Day Tours and Krabi Day Trips, a great way to spend your time exploring the majestic surroundings of Krabi and the wonderful islands!

It is located on the West coast of Thailand named after the Krabi River that flows by it. The river empties out into the nearby Phang Nga Bay and boasts a sizeable population of approximately fifty thousand people.

One of the main money-making businesses of this province is, in fact, tourism and it is also one of our top places to visit not only in Thailand but Asia in general.

If like us, you are in love with nature and just cannot resist white sandy beaches and the turquoise sea that is so iconic of the Andaman sea the Krabi is the place too because it has a choice selection of beaches in its one hundred and fifty-kilometer coastline.

One of Krabi’s greatest assets is the beautiful nature that encompasses the large swaths of land. From beautiful lush green forests with rare and beautiful animals to its gorgeous waterfalls and streams it has a lot to offer.

One of the most iconic and prominent features of Krabi is the beautiful limestone cliffs that strut out of the ground as powerful and beautiful as nature itself.

Ever heard of Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Islands or Railay? All of these famous places are located in none other than the province of Krabi.

 Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Ultimate selections of the best Krabi Day Trips


If you are tired and just stressed about the life you have, the deadlines and hustle and bustle of the modern city life and want a break from everything then just hop on a plane and visit Thailand.

It is one of the most relaxed places on the planet where everyone is laid back and happy but what is the one place in Thailand that has a really famous laid back reputation you ask?

Krabi of course and I am here to tell you some of the best tours in the province for you to enjoy yourself, sit back relax and just generally chill out.

Best Krabi Sightseeing Tours

Now obviously when you are new to a place and want a little guided help to explore the wonderful and exciting new possibilities Krabi has to offer or in fact, any country has to offer, the first thing you do is hop onto the local tourist center (in Krabi case to the local tour kiosk sellers) or the internet and look for tours.

However, just in case you aren’t the crazy go wild type and like to research and plans your tours I shall be your guide and tell you about some of the best and most essential tours to tantalize your eyes with the beauty of this place.

 Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Ultimate selections of the best Krabi Day Trips

The departure piers for the Krabi Sea Tours and the Krabi Sightseeing Tours

Nopparat Thara Pier

Nopparat Thara Pier is a small pier, it is always a hub for many ferry companies traveling to and from some of the wonderful surrounding islands and from and to Railey.

If you will be driving by yourself to the pier for a departure or for a Krabi day tours, remember that all locals know very well the pier, all you need to do is ask and say the name if you need to get some indications or a local taxi.

All taxies and bus drivers know the pier and will get you there easily.

This pier is always Ao Nang’s main arrival point for you by boat.

Many Ao Nang locals love to gather at Nopparat Thara Beach, they enjoy the free time, a picnic, some local games.

If you happened to be there you will see there are some awesome beach restaurants, some food stalls nearby the roadside just off the beach. It is worth to take a look and try!

Ao Nam Mao Pier

Locally the Ao Nam Mao Pier is very important for fishing and transfers.

All area features a very long sandy beach that includes also three smaller coves (about 1,400m in length).

The area is famous in Krabi for the Coastal Fisheries Research, for the Susan Hoi cove (now known as the Krabi Shell Cemetery tourist attraction).

Ao Nam Mao is also famous for the Development Centre and Krabi Fun Park, the rainforest, the zip-lines circuits in the forest, the many areas of Ao Nam Mao that are still covered with mangrove forests.

Klong Jirad Pier

When travelers are looking at how to get from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi, the answer is always to get to the Klong Jirad Pier (or Klong Jilad).

Just 4km from Krabi Town. You can easily reach Klong Jirad Pier by the local bus (Songthaew), by motorbike taxi or with a tuk-tuk.

You can find here all the ferry companies that travel on the routes to Koh Lanta, from Krabi to Phi Phi, to Koh Jum, from Krabi to Koh Yao islands.

You can easily check the trip schedules and your trip distance to the Phi Phi islands on

Koh Hong Day Tour

What is so special about this tour?

Ever seen a video where a couple is relaxing on a beach that apparently seems empty as if they have the entire island to themselves and they swim in the beautiful water and have a nice meal on the beach?

Ever wanted to experience that with a loved one or your friends?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes then look no further because the Koh Hong Day tour offers exactly that. Koh Hong is apart of the Than Bok Khorani National Park and is only open to visitors during the day.

This Island is famous for its scenery and is a popular tourist attraction with most tour companies including a visit to this island as a definite but what is so special about these islands is that even though a lot of people might visit it you will hardly see a crowd because there is so much to see and do.

This also the reason why I suggested a day tour exclusively to this island because this experience is always one of the best Krabi Sightseeing Tours you can endure.

This archipelago consists of around 12 islands but only around four are accessible as the others are too small to have beaches.

The biggest island offers its visitors secluded white virgin beaches where the turquoise colored waters splash on the beach. You can walk along with it with your loved one or go for a swim.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery or go scuba diving and snorkeling.

There is even a beautiful green lagoon that is incredibly famous amongst the island’s visitors.

One of the biggest bonuses of this tour is that from Ao Nang it is just a twenty-minute speedboat ride or a 45-minute long-tail boat ride. Since it is only 25km away from Krabi this is one of the most amazing tours you can go on.

A must see! Krabi to Phi Phi Island 

This tour is a must for anyone even considering going to Thailand.

Phi Phi Island is one of Thailand’s most iconic islands and has easy access routes from Phuket and Krabi. It is an essential trip where you can go spend the night there even and take a ferry back to your destination or just hop on a ferry and see the island in just a few hours as it is very small.

Most tours in Phuket and Krabi will take you to Phi Phi Island.

One of the more popular ways of traveling to Phi Phi is when tourists cross from Phuket to Krabi or vice versa they stopover at Phi Phi Island to take in the majestic views. What is so special about Phi Phi Island?

Well, it has some of the most beautiful views in all of Asia and is as equally as famous. The beautiful beaches being lapped up by the Adaman seas turquoise water.

The magnificent cliffs covered in dense green jungles with the mist rolling down them is so iconic of Phi Phi Island.

The island has so much to offer especially with areas like monkey beach named because of the furballs that inhabit the area and Maya beach with the beautiful jaw-dropping scenery.

Phi Phi island tours are essential and one must always choose to go here.

The Two Water Canal Tour

This tour is not something you will find very often as it is a place where very few foreign visitors have had a chance to explore.

This place is located around 34kms away from Krabi town and is called Tha Pon Khlong Song Nam by the locals the name means the two water canals and is called so because at this spot both fresh and saltwater mix together to create a clear glass-like water which turns green in high tide when the seawater starts to rise.

This place will be explored through kayaking and is a hidden gem especially from people. It is untouched by development except for a few bits like a bridge to allow you to walk across it.

The scenery is a mixture of banyan and mangrove trees and you can also swim in the crystal clear waters.

Very popular Krabi Sightseeing Tours. The 4 Islands Tour

This is one of Krabi’s most popular tours since it is cheap and takes you to some of Krabi’s most iconic islands.

The trip generally includes four islands those are Chicken Island or Koh Gai called so because from the distance it looks like a chicken head rising from the sea. The other islands are Koh Poda, Koh Tub and Koh Mor. Some tours do not offer lunch, but most will.

There is beautiful scenery for you to enjoy along with the white sandy beaches for you to stroll on and Koh Gai even has a nice little restaurant.

Koh Tub is a smaller island that can be accessed via a land bridge that can sometimes be traversed across during low tide. These tours may even include activities like snorkeling and diving.

The tours can range from different prices if going via a longtail boat or a speedboat.

Private tours are also available but of course, they are very expensive.

How much is the 4 island tour in Krabi?

See here the actual prices for the 4 islands tour!

4 Islands Tour by Longtail Boat from Krabi

Pricing per adult at 19 Us Dollars, 16 Us Dollars per child.

Krabi to four Islands tour by speedboat

Pricing per adult at 730 Thai Baht, 500 Thai Baht per child.


 Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Ultimate selections of the best Krabi Day Trips

Krabi Tour Package

There are always many different choices to find your best experience of the destinations we mentioned.

The most popular and attractive Krabi Sightseeing Tours are all right here!

Pricing per adult at 43 Us Dollars, 39 Us Dollars per child.

Pricing per adult at 35 Us Dollars, 29 Us Dollars per child.

Pricing per adult at 50 Us Dollars, 39 Us Dollars per child.

Pricing per adult at 22 Us Dollars, 17 Us Dollars per child.

Pricing per adult at 39 Us Dollars, 30 Us Dollars per child.

Pricing per adult at 35 Us Dollars, 25 Us Dollars per child.

Where should I stay in Krabi?

What is the best time to visit Krabi Thailand?

How Many Days to Spend In Krabi?

Will if time was not an issue I would say stay for two months but we are going to break the activity down for you into a week so that you can easily experience what Krabi has to offer.

Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Krabi can be seen in as less as three days but the reason why we will suggest seven is so that you get to experience as much as this gorgeous paradise has to give.

Day 1

Our pro tip would be to just relax and chill on Railay beach.

This magnificent place is chockfull of tourists and there is a really good reason for that.

This beach is in very simple words “jaw-dropping” imagine waling barefoot across a beach with the white sand under your feet and the turquoise-colored waves crashing against the beach with beautiful cliffs on one side.

This amazing beach is a great place to walk across or just relax and lie about in the sand.

You can go exploring in the jungle or even rock climb.

There also a number of other extreme sports to be done in the area. You can even just have some snacks from the stalls and vendors strewn across the beach.

Once you have spent the day exploring this part of the area, we suggest you head back to the hotel because you will be beaten after lazing about in the sun all day.

Day 2

The second day should be spent island-hopping across the various islands in Krabi. If you want a nice romantic trip to a secluded area where you can have a little privacy our suggestion would be Koh Hong day trip.

Take a longtail boat all the way to the island its takes just 45 mins and enjoy the scenery.

The nice amazing beaches with the sun shining down on you and the cool sea breeze are just a heavenly combination.

If you want to see a lot of what Krabi has to offer island wise, then the 4 island tour is a good option and go for a good all-day package where you can have lunch and dinner during the sunset.

Another more expensive but amazing way to see the best islands in Krabi is to hire a private boat. Just find a good English speaking boatman tell them what you want to do and set off on the trip of your dreams.

The reason why hiring a private boat is a good way to spend your day is because since you have limited time you can easily go to all the islands you want to visit and spend as much time as you want on each island.

I would, however, suggest packing a lunch and wear proper clothing.

Day 3

So you visited Tonsai and thought way too crowded then do not fear because Tonsai is here.

This beautiful serene place is located just 15mins away from Railay and the best part about this place is that it has very few tourists around so you can walk across the beach or just laze around with a less crowded area.

It has a real mellow vibe to it, and it is enhanced with the bars near the jungle at the back of the beach. You can always walk the beach, sunbathe take a dip in the Andaman or even just kayak across the area.

Day 4

We suggest on the fourth day you just go around exploring Krabi. Hire a bike on rent and zoom around Krabi.

Go to the emerald pool which is a beautiful place to visit and it is not even that far away.

You can, of course, go with a tour but honestly google maps will guide you right to it.

This beautiful place is located in Krabi in the middle of the jungle where an underwater hot spring heats the water to the perfect temperature for you to relax your aching bones.

The emerald water is a pool of water or a small lagoon that has a beautiful green color to it due to the high mineral deposits in it.

Apart from this you can go and visit the tiger temple which is a really beautiful temple in Krabi that many visitors flock to both local and foreign.

Maybe even take a trip to Phanom Bencha National Park and enjoy the waterfalls that flow through the lush green jungle or just enjoy the sounds of nature while you stroll to through the park.

Day 5

So you’ve spent one day enjoying the beach the other island hopping and then enjoying the beach then just randomly going to a few select places now let’s get back to the island hopping. Honestly one of the greatest treasures Krabi has to offer is natural beauty but our advice is to take a day trip to the magnificent islands called Phi Phi.

These amazing islands are truly a paradise on earth and are one of Asia’s must-see destinations with the picturesque views of the cliffs wrapped in the lush green embrace of the rain forest the Phi Phi islands have to be on everyone’s bucket list no matter what. It is easy to get as ferry’s leave daily several times from Krabi and Phuket to the islands.

Day 6

We suggest that on the sixth day you stick to the main area which would be Ao Nang. Go there relax on the beach and just walk around the place.

You can kayak swim or just go and get a nice soothing massage so that all your worries disappear.

You could even wander around the various stalls that peddle street food and taste Krabi’s culinary delights that are truly delicious.

If you want to have an amazing nightlife then Ao Nang will cater to that as well, however, if you want to explore the night markets then going to Krabi town is a must.

The markets in Krabi time spring to life at night with people selling almost everything you could imagine from food to clothes and even souvenirs.

This is a good way to see both Ao Nang and Krabi town and one should definitely spend one day just exploring the area close to them.

Day 7

For the last day in Krabi, we suggest going to the Bor Thor region which is in the northern part of Krabi.

This area can be explored via either tours or private long tail boat ride. You could even kayak.

The area houses beautiful caves that have some amazing ancient cave paintings. The place also is home to some Karst formations that are just beautiful. It is a definite must-see and a good close to your trip to Krabi.

 Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Ultimate selections of the best Krabi Day Trips


Krabi is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand to visit and is a definite must-see with nearly a 100 islands to explore and dense jungles with hidden treasures this province is truly a tourist dream especially for those who like nature and like to get away from the hustle and bustle of what a busy city would be like.