Phuket Sightseeing Tours, Explore the best Phuket Sightseeing Places

Phuket Sightseeing Tours. Phuket, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand is teeming with fascinating sights and attractions. The island also is known for its beaches and is perfect for those seeking the sun and sea. Go beyond the beaches and there is plenty to catch your fancy. Some people visit Phuket for its famous night life scene while others just want to enjoy a few days at one of the many beautiful beaches. The more adventurous type of travellers simply wants to embark on Phuket Sightseeing tours by visiting it memorable tourist sight and attractions. This article will take you through different locations where you can enjoy Phuket Sightseeing Tours.

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Patong Beach: It is on this beach that the main action is concentrated. The beach has a lively social vibe during the day complete with resorts, bars, restaurants and vendors and has a quaint European feel. Here, you will enjoy a memorable Phuket Sightseeing Tours

Phangan Bay: The first sight to greet you of Phangan Bay is of awe-inspiring limestone karsts rising vertically out of the waters. Day tours are available that allow you to go in and out of the caves that are home to a vast variety of marine life. Apart from the caves, the island is also known for its full moon parties

Phuket Fantasea (Kamala Beach): The theme park is an interesting mix of myth, legend, creativity and imagination. There is also some history thrown in for good measure. You can spend an interesting day watching airborne antics by acrobats, flying elephants and mock battles. There is also a bazaar within the premises that serves one of the largest buffets in Asia.

Bangla Road Nightlife: The nightlife in Phuket needs no introduction. Some find it depraved while others find it exciting but the fact is that none are able to resist it. The real action begins around nine at night when somebody lights off a firework and then continues till the wee hours of the morning. The night action includes live shows, music and everything else that adds to the chaotic yet exhilarating atmosphere. Phuket sightseeing tour to this sight is not disappointing