I have 3 days in Phuket

I have 3 days in Phuket

I have 3 days in Phuket

Your 3 days Phuket Island tour extensive guide

There are a few locations that you should not miss at any cost in Thailand. One of them is Phuket, even if I have 3 days in Phuket, I know will find so many attractions to visit. Phuket is known as the largest island of Thailand and it is the most favorite place among travelers because they do not want to miss their favorite place, whenever they get the chance to go to Thailand.

The simple fact is, Phuket must be in your travel plans

More than 3 million travelers visit Phuket every year, the reason behind it is the beauty and variety of different colors of water there, locations, seaside towns.
Look how many ideas immediately come to mind 
  • Take a Trip to Kata Noi Beach
  • Hang Out at the Tiger Kingdom
  • Have a Tour of The Chalong Temple and the Bay (the Wat Chalong)
  • Visit the Karon View Point, the many viewpoints of the island
  • See The Phuket Big Buddha
  • Enjoy Nai Harn Beach
  • Enjoy shopping at Phuket Town Weekend Night Market
Phuket has to serve you with all the beauty it has, such as the white sand beaches right next to the turquoise waters. Not only that there are commendable resorts for you where you can enjoy the luxury spas, but you can also do all the adventure activities, and you can make sure that you can make your nightlife thriving over there. In case you are going alone, then you should not miss the chance of going to Phuket because it has so much to offer you and you can cover the whole place in 3 to 4 days.

What can you do in Phuket in 3 days?

According to our experience, even 3 days tour is enough to Phuket, because you get to see most of the tourist’s attraction in this much time, and most probably you will be very interested in coming to visit Phuket again and again. And after these 3 days, you can head towards the other places, and you have to make sure that you can enjoy most of the Phuket. For your ease, we have created a list of the favorite things that you can do in Phuket. This is a guide prepared to make you find the best of Phuket, and you have to keep in mind that you are not supposed t rush and pick every place in a 3 days Phuket itinerary. The guide of the Phuket itinerary is as follows:

Patong Beach (Popular):

Patong beach is one of the most visited and famous beaches among travelers. This is the first place that would come to every traveler’s mind when they visit Phuket. Whenever you land on Phuket Island, you should consider the fact that this beach is always full of people and there is hustle bustle.

Patong at night stands at it’s best

Especially the nights are crowded there because it feels more like a party hub and less than a beach. But, this beach is not for you if you are not a party person, and you want to enjoy peace and serenity then you should not choose to go to this beach. If you’re going to live in isolation and enjoy the beach and water by all yourself, then there are many other options that you can avail. Because there are peaceful places in Phuket as well, you should look for the alternatives. Keep on reading this guide to get a more precise idea about the Phuket itinerary that can help you out while you in Phuket.

Be ready to visit as more locations as possible!

Thailand is a place packed with different areas to explore and beautiful sites to visit. Among those many places, an island named Phuket is located in the southern part of Thailand next to the Andaman Sea. Phuket Island is a fantastic place to visit. It has picturesque beaches and abundant activities on the island.
Phuket Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, beautiful sunshine and glittering sand, but it has much more to offer; there are numerous places to visit and different sights to see. Given below are some of the suggestions that you can act upon to spend your time in the best way possible and enjoying your trip.

1st Day Activities:

When you visit a place, especially one that is rich in culture, you are spontaneously attracted to it. The local culture of the Phuket is, and there are several temples that you can visit along with the many markets in the city.

Big Buddha in Chalong:

The Big Buddha is situated at the top of Nakkerd Hills, and it is 147 feet tall, this statue of Buddha can be seen from all over the Southern Phuket because of its massive size and enormous size. When you reach the top of the Nakkerd Hills, you can see the whole island from the there. Every day, more than a thousand people visit this place, and they even pay their share in maintaining the Buddha. If you want to visit but do not want to walk to the top of the hill, you can always get a cab, and you can reach the top of the mountain in a 3.7-mile ride.
Big Buddha in Phuket Thailand – It’s Free and Pretty. See when Bottom Line Up Front YouTube channel visits this Phuket attraction!
When you visit places with a different culture, it is crucial to respect that culture. When you are visiting the Big Buddha, you must cover your knees and shoulders, which is the rule. There will be many monkeys jumping and climbing around the statue. The Big Buddha is made of reinforced concrete and layered with shimmering white jade marble; the construction of this statue completed in 2004.

So many statues plus many scenes to photograph

Other than the Big Buddha, there is a smaller statue right next to it, which is made of Brass and has a golden color. If you look around, you will notice trees with notes of golden color hanging from them. These notes are by people who visited this place left these notes for their loved ones. The sight is beautiful to see; being surrounded by different messages of love.

Wat Chalong Temple in Chalong:

There are a total of 29 Buddhist temples in Phuket, and the Wat Chalong temple is the most fascinating of them all. If you visit the western hall of the temple, you will see two statues of a man called Ta-Khee-lek who frequented the Koh Than Kao Wat statue in Wat Chalong and won many lotteries because if his regular visit.
In the Grand Pagoda, they say that there is a piece of Lord Buddha inside it. It is usually hot in Thailand in summer, so head over to the exhibition to escape from the sun where it is air-conditioned, and you will learn some history as well. This exhibition is called Luang Poh Charm, and there are a humans-size wax model of Luang and his family along with some local antique furniture. You will learn something new every time you visit a location suggested by us on this 3 day trip to Phuket.

Phuket Weekend Market:

If you do not visit the markets of Phuket while you are there, then you have not seen anything. Thai street food is to die for. There are a few markets which are open all night in Phuket, and the best among all of them is the Phuket Weekend Market. It opens on Saturday and Sunday. This market sells almost everything; you can buy souvenirs such as locally made jewelry, knock-off Rolex watches, and even alive animals are on sale. You can try out different street foods from the stalls such as Durian fruit, grilled chicken, fresh coconut shakes, and much more.
If by any chance you did not visit the Phuket Island on the weekend, you can visit the Phuket Indy Night Market which takes place at the nights of Thursday and Friday. You can get your name written on rich grains and try different kinds of hot foods such as Thai spicy salad, Thai chicken kebabs, and crispy gyoza.
2nd Day Activity:
On your 2nd day trip to Phuket, you also need to appreciate the gorgeousness of its beaches. Spend the second day of your visit to explore the beaches, given below are some of the dazzling beaches that you can visit.

Or, you can take a day to visit one of the most beautiful islands nearby Phuket, with a day trip, to relax and enjoy swimming and snorkeling, many beach activities.

Get ready to go!

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Karon Beach:

Karon Beach is a fantastic location to visit. It is located just 8 kilometers in the south from Patong, and the glittering white sand is endless. There are several luxury resorts to the Northern side of the beach with many restaurant and shops. If you are visiting as a couple, you can get an hour-long massage right there on the beach by paying a low price and with so many restaurants where you can always grab a bite whenever you get hungry.
With amazing views and gorgeous sunshine to bathe in a while getting massaged is a dream, so avail it and enjoy your time there.

Bangla Road in Patong Beach:

The Bangla Road in Patong Beach is 1,300 feet long. When the sun sets, this road closes for the traffic. The trail gets covered with people, blasting loud music, drinking and dancing as if a festival has started in the middle of the road. This is the reason this road is a lot of times called the “Vegas of Thailand.”
There are many night clubs and bars all around Bangla Road, which are famous for their parties. Many tourists visit this road to have fun and dance along with others in a party atmosphere.
Now, let us move on to the very last day of our tour planning, which is the day 3, as you must have experienced most of the Phuket, we have planned something more for you. Day 3 has to be more special than the previous two days because you have to see the destinations that are going to be the end of your tour. We have enlisted the destinations that are worth going because we kept this list for the last day to make your trip more memorable and beautiful.

Day 3 in Phuket:

If you think Phuket is all about culture and beaches, then you might be misunderstood because there is a lot more to this beautiful and serene place. It is one of the most beautiful hubs out there, and if you are ready for the adventures, then you should start with the elephants because that is what Thailand is known for. There are eco-parks and other activities at the beach such as zip line and snorkeling. Phuket is offering every adventure according to the travelers need

The astounding experience with the elephants:

There are plenty of visitors that want to come to Thailand only to experience the ride of the elephants along with the views. But, on the other hand, some tourists are not comfortable because they say it is harmful to the gentle giants.
So, we promote ethical elephant tourism. Travelers should support this cause. You can go and check out the Elephant Retirement park in the Phuket  You can have a lot of fun with them there, as you are allowed to feed them, make them play with you, bathe them. All of the elephants there belong to different ages. It is truly a lifetime experience because you can see the real positive side of the elephants because they are used to welcoming the tourists and play with them. The excursions of the elephants are expensive, but it is worth it.

Kata Noi Beach:

It is situated in the South of Karon beach and is known as Kata Noi. It is a top-rated beach that is going to make you feel like in heaven because the turquoise color of the beach is going to mesmerize you. There is soft sand around which makes you feel like you are walking on the carpet of softness. There is a beach bar where you can party all the time and then comes the rock-free bay makes you enjoy the best at the beach.
If you want to enjoy the drink, with your loved one, then it is the best place to do it. Kata Noi Beach is known as the perfect spot for the ones that want to enjoy the afternoon. You can go for snorkeling over there, when it is the high season, which is between November to April. The water is so peaceful that you can do the snorkeling easily. You will be able to see the school of the tropical fishes over there. You will see the dancing fishes throughout the beach. You will enjoy the creatures inside the water. You have the option to snorkeling at Kata Noi.
Snorkeling rentals are going to approach you, and they are straightforward to access. Do not try to forget your waterproof camera whenever you go for snorkeling over there.
Thaw duration of that you are going to spend here is 3-4 hours.

Sunset bars at Kata Hill:

If you want to make your day more beautiful, then you should head towards Kata hill which is right ahead of Kata Noi Beach. There are three reggae bars that are known for the views of the sunset, which are stunning and beyond words. After looking into the small beach viewpoint, you can head towards the Baan Chom.
Sunset is the must watch over there, you can enjoy the sunset drinks on the beaches of Phuket
You can grab a cold drink for yourself, and you even have the option of hot drink as well. When you grab a bottle, you will enjoy it along with the water waves and its sound. The sun will slide down in front of your eyes. Is there another best way to end your tour, your day will end with the fantastic sunset.
The duration of this fun is until the sunset goes down.

Where are you going to stay in Phuket?

There are many hotels and places to stay, and accommodation is not difficult there. If you are looking for a luxurious stay, then you should not be worried because there
You can go and stay outside the city, it easy to come back easy and cheap. You are supposed to book the hotels in advance.
If you want to ask about the favorite spot of Phuket, regarding the travelers, it is the Westin Siray Bay Resort that is preferred by all the travelers and people out there. It is situated imp east of the Phuket town. You will be provided with the private ocean view villa, you will enjoy the infinity pool and will have access to the spas that you are offered there.

Where to stay in Phuket hotels:

There are other options, such as the Mangrove Panwa Phuket Resort is the best spot to stay at night. If you are planning for 3 days, then you can book your resort here.

Cape Panwa


It not only saves your cash, but it is effortless to go back to the beaches and explore the area.
If you still want to go for some budget-friendly, then you have more options such as Hugger Hostel.


Now that you know all the basics about the beach and Phuket, you have a fair idea of how you are going to spend your 3 days tour at Phuket in Thailand. You should pack your bag, get hands on your favorite travel backpack, and put all the essential stuff in it. You can book a cheap flight to Thailand, grab your tickets and passport and see all the places that we have mentioned above. We have provided you with the best itinerary plan Phuket, that you can enjoy the best there. You have the options of spending the days by petting the elephants at the elephant retirement center. You can spend a lot of time there and get yourself the coconut shake.

Promthep Cape in Phuket:

It is one of the most appreciated and visited the island of Phuket. It is said to be the island that is the most photographer and consists of the best locations. Almost every day, in the evening the large buses come there full of tourists to let them look at Rawai Beach. People are coming on their scooters and private cars. The ultimate goal of everybody is to look at the sunset at its peak, the Rawai Beach and the island in the southernmost hill let the people enjoy the evening. On top of the mountain, there is a car park that you can utilize, and the vehicles disgorge crowds of people, the tourists from every inch of the world.
Promthep Cape is known as the most Southern side of the Phuket. The place holds the status of being the most popular among the tourist. Due to the location, the site lets you see the southern side views, which will allow you to see the view that you dream of the Andaman Sea.
It is also famous with the name of “God’s Cape,” and known as the “Laem Promthep.” Due to the piece of the solid rocks that are sticking out of the Andaman Sea. There are tall cliffs over there.
People come every year here to take the fantastic photographs of the cliffs. Especially they get ready to make many unique pictures of the sunsets that can be captured only on the high-quality cameras. The photographers especially come to Phuket to capture the views. All the nature lover from the world come here to find picturesque views.

Visit and relax at Nai Harn beach!

Tourists find ways to stop here every, but this is not it. There is a beautiful lighthouse there, which gives you an opportunity that has the historical maritime artifacts and commands the spectacular views. This museum is air conditioned, that even if you in summers you can enjoy the relaxing environment here. There is a balcony, that when you go to the outdoor side, you will be able to view of Phi Phi Island in different beautiful shapes. Along with that, you can also view the Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi on a clear weather day. You can also get to see the Buddhist Monastery, and Koh Kiaow and the nearest island.
The view that is worth seeing is the huge-eternity pool, even having a look at that pool is enough for a visit. Indian Sub-Continent and the Sri-Lankan subcontinent shores can be seen from there. Some people prefer to trek down to the end of the cape and try to stay for the sunset time. When you go near the car park, there is a shop of handicrafts, and there you will see the series of the stalls that are selling beautiful shells, snacks, batik, sarongs, toys, beachwear, and shawls.

Where to stay?

The Promthep Cape Restaurant Promthep is mostly very busy most of the times. The place is pretty crowded because of the sunsets, there will be panic all the time, but then when the evening starts the peace started because people want to enjoy the most there. If you’re going to eat something with the best views, then you should go here.


So, this was all about your 3 days stay in Phuket Island and what you can enjoy there. We have also told you about all the accommodations you can have there. You can easily enjoy your trip to Phuket Island if you are following all the tips mentioned above.
Also, if you have any more suggestions for the people like you, then you can mention it in the comments section below and help others who want to enjoy Phuket Island trip.
If you want to go to Thailand, then you must not miss going Phuket. As we have given you a whole tour plan of 3 days, which means that you can cover all the central locations of the Phuket. In less time you can cover a lot. After these 3 days, you can visit the other areas. But Phuket is an area of art, culture, and history. If you want to check the historical and ancient places there, then you should not miss the chance of taking the 3-day tour.