Experience Chiang Mai

Experience Chiang Mai

Experience Chiang Mai

Why visit Chiang Mai?

  • We all agree that Chiang Mai is the most cultural city in Thailand, all around an impressive cultural center that will keep you very busy for so many days of your holiday. 

When the principal town of another kingdom, Lanna (‘Land of a Million Rice Fields’), town is a flourishing modern one which still retains many facets of its own glory. Quieter than Bangkok, it is filled with life, as individuals who elect for Chiang Mai tours will discover. Those looking for a point might locate it in one of the attractions, although there are numerous aspects to this town.

So many opportunities for very interesting full day tours

The real benefits of spending your holiday time in Chiang Mai!

  • Visiting Chiang Mai is definitely the best way to get in contact with Thai culture and to get to know many aspects of Thai culture very well!

Look! A Unique History

Until recently, the kingdom of Lanna remained different even after it became a part of Thailand, its distance from Bangkok supposed it kept a personality and civilization. Different components of Lanna culture – like dialect its own products, and music – are prevalent in the area now.

Bottom line!

Those interested in finding more out about the background of Lanna and its funds may take a while in their Chiang Mai excursions to see the Lanna Cultural Centre, situated close to the Three Kings Monument. Displays within this particular museum tell the story of Lanna from prehistory to the present moment. They follow the growth of human settlements across the River Ping, the building of the town of Chiang Mai, and the sieges it withstood within the ages, in addition to recreating scenes of life from Lanna.

Golden temples sit beneath mountains, and lush valleys are filled with flora and fauna – a landscape which may be explored by foot, river raft, or elephant! Read on.

Experience Chiang Mai

Colorful Markets

Among the most renowned attractions of the city is its own vibrant Night Bazaar, a street market that carries following sunset over a whole district. While a lot of stalls line the pavements of the roads the bazaar is placed in a construction. This sector is famous for its selection: stalls selling T-shirts and sunglasses, rub shoulders with people selling handicrafts that were nice; their place is taken by artists of styles alongside DVD stands and spice vendors.

This really isn’t the only excellent market experience accessible on Chiang Mai town excursions, nevertheless; Worarot, the big wet-and-dry marketplace where lots of sailors shop for food and household products, is worth a visit for the vibrant umbrellas, lively flavor and yummy, cheap snacks.

Streets and Squares

Among the greatest methods would be to stroll through its streets and Chiang Mai provides a lot of opportunities for doing this. Its proximity to the river Ping along with the remnants of this old city moat and walls offer some fantastic places for drifting, with lots of beautiful old temples to stumble around, and you are never far from a comfy café, handicraft store, or local artwork gallery.

Thapae Gate is among the most impressive areas of the reddish brick town wall still standing, along with an adjoining square is a perfect spot for people wanting to devote some of their time on Chiang Mai tours only soaking up air to see the world go by.

Experience Chiang Mai

Family Activity Ideas in Chiang Mai

1. Chiang Mai Zoo
Known for’Ling Ping’ that the panda which has been born here and that is now a fixture of pride together with Thai tourists flocking to the zoo to observe this creature. Aside from the pandas, there is about each other animal you can imagine. The zoo is enormous and you could spend the Entire day here feeding and watching the critters.
2. Buffalo Training Circle
This coaching camp that is buffalo indicates the role the buffalo played Thai farming lifestyle. A demonstration is on the rice has been farmed in Thailand and buffaloes were utilized to plow the rice fields and also sugar cane, followed by the opportunity to ride the back of a buffalo and take photos. Very informative and enjoyable at the Exact Same time.
3. Tiger Kingdom
They have enclosures you are able to enter, get up near the tiger’s pet them and have your photographs. They also offer different packages depending on the number and type of enclosures that you wish to Go to, they have infant cubs to fully grown adults.
4. Elephant Riding and bamboo rafting
Among the most well-known and favorite Chiang Mai actions, and a must do for households is a trip to the elephant camp. There are two camps, one in Mae Sa Valley and one in Mae Taeng both supplying exactly the same — elephant riding and an elephant show. View the elephants paint and play soccer, followed by a trip through the surrounding woods.
5. Scorpion Tailed River cruises
Have a boat excursion across the Mae Ping River which runs throughout the town. The Scorpion is a family run business, they are a friendly and tender group. They have 3 ships which are extremely distinct appearing, as they’re replicas of older ships which used to sail the river down in preceding times. Along the way, an English speaking guide will point out the sights and inform you about the background of Chiang Mai. The trip ends up in Scorpion Tailed guesthouse at which is a tour of the garden and fruit trees. All rounded up with some free mango sticky rice and lychee juice.
6. Doi Suthep Temple
There’s a saying that goes’if you never go to Doi Suthep, it’s like you have never been to Chiang Mai’. This is since this temple is regarded as the sign of Chiang Mai. Perched on the mountainside, in the end, it provides great views. The temple and its pagodas are beautiful, an excellent cultural and spiritual sight That’s a joy to See. Tours to the temple can be done in a half-day by road and, after driving to the foot of the temple grounds, visitors have the choice of ascending by stairs or tram. The stairs are a challenging but rewarding climb, and many prefer to take them only on the way down – their tiled banisters, in the form of the legendary seven-headed snake Naga, are one of the temple’s many attractions. The temple itself, with its golden chedi, cool marble tiles, and numerous beautiful Buddha images, is a place of spiritual tranquility – and on a clear day offers incredible views over the city.
7. Sunday walking road marketplace
Held every Sunday from approx 4pm-10pm Chiang Mai actions famous market held on the main walking street is a good spot to pick up souvenirs and handicrafts. Hilltribe goods, jewelry, a variety of handicrafts from lamps to garments could be bought here at bargain rates. Aside from the shopping, it’s many stalls selling a selection of meals and snacks out of Chiang Mai sausage for coconut dessert delicacies.
8. Explore the countryside
Escape the tourist’s heart and have a day or two more trips to explore the beauty of the surrounding countryside of Chiang Mai. Places like Chiang Dao may be done in a day, for excursions visit Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son that are conventional places Rich in mountains culture, and scenery.

9. Doi Inthanon

Know a bit about Doi Inthanon: This National Park is also known as the “Roof of Thailand”. To reach this highest peak point of Thailand, you need to make this trekking adventure and it will make you feel overwhelmed. This National Park is filled with eternally beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and miles after miles trekking & hiking trails. You can make your trekking tour with family and friends because a guide and group of people will be with you. So, this is a safe trekking destination as well.


Best Time to Trek:

The best time or season to make Doi Inthanon trekking possible is from mid-November to mid -February. This period is the winter or cool season of Thailand. You will get an average temperature of 17®C so far. During other seasons which are summer or rainy days, trekking is pretty difficult because you will struggle more of it. It will also be risky for you to trek during the rainy days. So, this is recommended to make the trekking adventure during the dry or cool season.

Experience Chiang Mai

Enjoy also visiting Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai:

Traveling to Chiang Mai province and Chiang Rai province is always so enjoyable, especially if this can be in Chiang Rai of Thailand, the pleasure doubles. This location has turned into a sanctuary for tourists.

Excursions or day excursions are things that are amazing here in order to participate in unforgettable experiences. But the majority of the individuals do not know about the excursions. They overlook the occasions or can not participate in. If a person gets thoughts before the excursions prior to Chiang Rai, well you should not hesitate to pick a full day tour and go to explore this wonderful province.

Trekking Day excursion and finest walking tour

This is an wonderful excursion in town. It can help to understand more about hiking throughout the villages, the weaving methods, assessing the hills. After attaining the walking activities and the temples sightseeing you may love the Thai foods at lunch. In any case, it is possible to also have plenty of temples sightseeing and nature landscapes sightseeing during Chiang Rai excursions. However, before the trip starts, you ought to take the preparations. Whenever you’re in the forest, rest be sure to have loads of waters since the weather is unpredictable too.