The Phuket Fantasea Show


The Phuket Fantasea Show

What is the Phuket Fantasea Show?

The Fantasea Show in Phuket is a top-rated program, including dancers and a lot of adult elephants. This enormous program is on the ground of a big amusement park situated in Kamala Beach. After nearly twenty years, the program is still going strong, inviting million visitors each year. Travelers from all over the world delight in a fantastic efficiency are telling the legend of Kamala. According to the story, it is a jungle with a legendary palace surrounded by elephants.

The Fantasea Park

Fantasea Park is enormous and created to amuse you for numerous hours before the program. You can delight in a large number of stores plus some coffee bars. Several funfairs keep the kids hectic, and you may even win some packed animals. Naturally, you need to pay to play the games (on top of the entryway cost), and the reward is most likely less expensive than the video game; however, you get the bragging rights.

Phuket Fantasea Park is perfectly crafted, created around Thai folklore and legends style, with unlimited pictures and selfies chances. The dining establishment and the primary structure where you will see the program are especially outstanding.

It is a massive record-breaking pageant wagon and flying parade drifts. The theater likewise boasts advanced lighting, noise, and unique FX, consisting of among the most prominent LED screens ever to be set up in a theater and the biggest parade float ever built at 70 meters long similar in length to a Plane A380.

A unique function of this dining establishment is that visitors will initially reach a waterfall called Joy Falls and rise to the dining establishment through a magical barge called the Barge of Joy, which increases around 7 meters to provide visitors into this distinctively themed dining establishment.

The River of Happiness Dining establishment uses a more extravagant dining experience within a style influenced by the world’s popular Loy Kratong celebration.

The 400-seat dining-room is extravagantly accentuated with huge Kratongs (lotus float) showing the very best of standard Thai workmanship.

Numerous quality items from all areas of Thailand will be included in distinctive themed memento stores extravagantly embellished with carnival lights and Thai influenced architectural functions.

Carnival Magic includes four primary zones

Zone 1

Carnival Enjoyable Fair: a vibrant and amazing carnival-themed street fair offering themed shopping games, shops restaurants and bars, street dancing and parade entertainers, enjoyable video games, kid trips and great deals of visitor activities.

Zone 2

Bird of Paradise Dining establishment: A totally air-conditioned gala buffet dining establishment that can accommodate over 3,000 visitors and is reached by going through a captivated Garden of Paradise entryway.

With an interior decoration recommending a divine hall supervised by two massive peacock sculptures completely plumage,

Bird of Paradise will provide over 100 ranges of menu products, including specials from all around the world. Three different dining halls are likewise readily available for personal dining occasions.

Zone 3

River Palace Theater: The River Palace Paradium is a parade arena providing the very first production program of its kind worldwide, offering seating for roughly 2,000 visitors and including an efficiency phase 70 meters long and 22 meters broad, the whole structure steps over 200 meters in length, making it among the biggest theaters ever built on the planet.

Zone 4

Kingdom of Lights: A captivating world of impressive landscapes and gleaming gardens perfectly embellished with over 40 million lights.

The primary emphasis of this zone is the River of Lights, which includes stars laced with 10s of many lights, over 50 kilometers in length in general, and finest observed by crossing a stunning lake-spanning bridge providing a breathtaking view of the whole illuminated zone.

With production functions such as aerial ballet, animatronics, and enormous animals, and a cast and team of over 300 on among the biggest phases ever developed, the River Palace Parade highlights the absolute best of Thai culture in an initial brand-new discussion.

Phuket Fantasea Buffet

Beyond a lot of vibrant and intense conventional Thai boats, you will reach the Golden Kinaree dining establishment looking like a big golden temple. The supper is optional, but you should choose to give it a try so that you might expect a minimum of a blog about it. Passed the big doors, you simply froze for a second: it such an enormous dining-room.

A space-efficient in hosting 4,000 seats is larger than a soccer field! The design at Golden Kinaree is gorgeous, and the buffet is acceptable; however, it’s the reverse of an intimate dining establishment. You much better to take pleasure in a good supper in Kamala Beach before concerning the Fantasea Phuket program.

The Environment of the Show

The crowd hurries to the theatre as quickly as they reveal the program. Although everybody reserved their seats beforehand, there continually appears to be a desire to get in front of the line!

Please bear in mind while you are not allowed to take pictures or do a video recording inside the theatre and need to transfer your video cameras to devoted counters. Phuket Fantasea has actually constantly been extremely rigorous at this point.

The big theatre accommodates 3,000 individuals. The elephants will look as massive as frogs if you get bad luck and end up in a back seat or on the Second flooring. Obtain a Gold Seat, it’s very little more, and you get to be better.

Phuket Fantasea is always in the list of the Top Things to Do in Phuket. 2020 Updated! 

Phuket Fantasea Show Time

The program begins with a caravan of enormous elephants walking through the audience, followed by entertainers in Thai outfits. It’s surreal and excellent, most likely the very best part of the program. When everybody reaches the phase in a fantastic display screen of noise and light impacts, the program begins.

The Fantasea program tells the history of Kamala; however, I presume no one follows the story past the very first 5 minutes. Acrobats, dancers, and stars efficiently carry out a well-rehearsed program.

The flying angels and the acrobats spinning above the audience’s head get all the curiosity. Some frightening clowns coming right out of a Stephen King book do a bit of magic.

They didn’t appear to have anything to do with Thai folklore; however, front phase efficiency permits the team to alter the set behind closed drapes!

Legendary fights scenes and standard dances end with the return of the elephants. That part is has a troubling little circus feel to it. For the grand last, the heroes save the princess: the audience enjoys and cheers. Lots of insane chickens that run in a cool line throughout the stage. How do they do that?

Phuket Fantasea is a respectable program and an excellent tourist attraction park. It may feel a bit mass tourist to some.

Kids will enjoy the vibrant video game zones and the brilliantly lit structures, and the enormous temples may impress grownups.

There is a little debate concerning the elephants associated with the program while some elephants standby near the dining establishment for an image or a brief flight. Recently riding elephants isn’t cool any longer, and Elephant Sanctuaries are ending up being more popular (A really good change!).

Phuket Fantasea Ticket Price

  • The price for joining the show only: 1,800 baht (Standard Seat)

  • The cost to join the show plus buffet supper: 2,200 baht (Kid 2,000)

  • Transfer from/to hotel in Phuket: 350 baht.

If you want to stay in a favorable position close to the stage (Gold Seat): add extra cost 350 Baht.

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Some significant Info about Phuket Fantasea

Location: Kamala Beach, 99 Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket 83150
Opening Hours: 5.30 pm-11.30 pm (closed on Thursdays).
Contact Number: (+66) 076 385 000.
Phuket Fantasea Ticket Booking
Phuket Fantasea Show Website

Questions and Answers Section

Is Phuket Fantasea worth a visit?

The excellent value to go. The show is marvelous, lots of special effects, etc., plus the restaurant Golden Kinaree is good to see, 4000 people are seated, the buffet is fantastic, and some delicious desserts are available.

How far is Phuket Fantasea from Patong Beach?

Phuket Fantasea is located 14 kilometers from Patong Beach, a 9 minutes-drive on a typical day.

How long is the show?

The performance lasts about 70 minutes. Please note that on some pre-announced dates, “Fantasy of a Kingdom” may be performed 1 or 2 times a day. Showtimes in those situations will be 19:30 in addition to the usual time slot at 21:00. The gate to the theater opens 20 minutes before showtime.

How much is a ticket at Phuket Fantasea?

The ticket price starts at 1,800 baht per person, + 350 baht for a gold seat.

How much is the buffet dinner?

The buffet dinner at Golden Kinnaree, plus the show, costs 2,200 baht for adults, 2,000 baht for children.
The restaurant is open daily from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Is Phuket Fantasea open every day?

Phuket Fantasea is closed on Thursday, and it is open other days of the week from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm.