Pattaya Vs Patong 

Pattaya Vs Patong 

Pattaya Vs Patong 

The Pattaya and Patong case has been going on, given that individuals initially began about Thailand on their vacation. Like many things, the ideal response is subjective, and there is no single finest location in Thailand for everyone. A lot is going to depend upon what you wish to leave your journey and choosing the very best area for you based upon your expectations.

By the end of this short article, you need to have enough relevant details to assist you in selecting which area is best for you.

In the following list, we have compared the essential products that many people will think about when they are attempting to pick in between Phuket or Pattaya. This list is based upon individual observation and experience from years of travelers around Thailand, plus the information from some reputable websites.

In the following section, I will compare Pattaya and Patong’s remarkable sites. It may help you to identify your interest and the best place to spend during your vacation.

Both Phuket and Pattaya are popular tourist traps, so you’ll have plenty of options to check out the local attractions.


Pattaya vs Patong Beach

Being close to the beach is a massive draw for picking either Pattaya or Phuket as your location, while both have a prominent entrance to the beach.  The beaches in both areas are not precisely developed equivalent.


Phuket Beaches

Top 42 Things to Do in Phuket. 2020 Updated!


Phuket, a rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea, has a few of Thailand’s most popular beaches, generally located along the clear waters of the western coast.

The island is house to numerous high-end beachfront med spas, resorts, and dining establishments.

Phuket City, the capital, has hectic markets and old shophouses. Patong, the primary resort town, has numerous bars, discos, and bars.

Patong Beach is complete and big of activity, with suppliers using rental comfortable chair and umbrellas, and a range of water sports. Smaller Sized Kata Beach, to the south, is likewise hectic.

Karon and Rawai beaches, near the island’s southern pointer, and those along the island’s eastern and northwestern coasts, are more peaceful and less established.

Phuket is likewise understood for its diving amongst reef, its Gibbon Rehab Task, and the surrounding islets of Phang Nga Bay, which have remarkable, imposing limestone cliffs and caverns.

Other tourist attractions consist of the Wat Chalong Buddhist temple complex and the Phuket Big Buddha statue.


Pattaya Beach

There is no place to begin with, the most popular and most vibrant beach in the city, Pattaya beach. At 4 kilometers long, this crescent-shaped beach has many areas for visitors who are descending upon it to make the most of the blazing sun and warm weather conditions. There is more than sunbathing on a deal.

Parasailing, jet snowboarding, and the traditional banana boat are all offered for you to delight in, along with beachside shacks that can prepare your preferred Thai meal. It is likewise house to some terrific celebrations in the evening if that is your favorite activity.

While you prepare on investing your time at the beach while in Pattaya, you might be dissatisfied. Due to years of disintegration, the primary Pattaya Beach is a small variation of what it. It is a small strip of sand simply off the Beach Roadway. You will be fortunate to discover any stretch of sand left when suppliers are permitted to put beach chairs out for lease.

The waters off of Pattaya strike you less than tidy. You can see the storm sewage systems deluge filthy grey water right into the water near the beach location.

Honestly, if you do have beach choices, you may not want to go to Pattaya just for the Beaches.

You are in luck if you desire the tropical island feel and stunning beaches.

Ko Larn Island is 45 minutes away by ferry boat from Bali Hail Pier. These are the best beaches you’ll discover in Pattaya. While the island can be crowded throughout high season, it is well worth the journey.

You do have some other alternatives, either heading over to the beaches of Jomtien or Naklua/Wong Amat. Both of these locations have substantially better beaches to take pleasure in the ocean and unwind.


Pattaya Vs Patong  (the best things to do)

Things to Do In Phuket Patong


Pattaya Vs Patong 


Beyond the primary draw of the Beach, Phuket has actually restricted sightseeing; but many triggers for you. You can make a journey to see the huge Buddha statue, Old Phuket Town, Wat Chalong, and Phuket’s temples.

The Simon Cabaret Program and Phuket Fantasea program are two great alternatives for night home entertainment.

The excursion is a huge part of remaining in Phuket. You can head over to Phi Phi Island, Ko Phangan, and James Bond Island.

You can likewise establish activities like diving and sea kayaking through some genuinely stunning locations around Phuket.

Phuket is a little doing not have on traveler destinations, and cultural activities as much of the events are focused on the beach and island activities.


Things to Do In Pattaya

There are weapon varieties, ATV leasings, Muay Thai, and cooking classes. Plenty to keep you inhabited throughout the day in Pattaya.

A few of the more popular travel destinations in Pattaya are The Sanctuary of Fact, Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens, Ko Larn Island, Silverlake Vineyard, and Huge Buddha Hill only among others if you like cabaret reveals Pattaya has 3 of them. There are actually lots more tourist attractions in Pattaya.

As far as activities you can go diving. Nevertheless, it is now from the very best location to do that if you are leasing a jet ski (beware of rip-offs) and parasailing over the beach. Both of those activities you can do at your own threat.

There are many things to do around Pattaya. A great deal of them was developed to amuse travelers; however, they are well worth having a look at and will keep you captivated for days.


Phuket Patong Nightlife

There are other bars and clubs dotted throughout the city. Bangla roadway is the center of nightlife and functions as the red-light district.

The nightlife in Phuket focuses on Bangla Roadway in Patong. The roadway closes in the evening to all. The foot traffic as traveler mill up and down the road and into the backstreet. You’ll discover all manner of beer bar, disco, and go-go bars along this area of the roadway.


Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya is one colossal celebration zone with bars all over the city. Numerous primary locations are consisting of: Strolling Street, Soi LK City, and Sois 6, 7, and 8. Strolling Street in Pattaya is well-known worldwide and is as much a travel destination as it is a pickup location for ladyboys and ladies.

It has been stated that Pattaya is one substantial red-light district, and I would be difficult pushed to disagree. The majority of the nightlife here includes the naughty kind.

For those travelers looking to have some beverages, listen to some live music, dance the night away from the clubs, and beer bars welcome travelers of all sorts.

Is the nightlife much better in Pattaya and Phuket? Whether you are there for naughty nightlife or simply wish to dance and consume yourself silly. Pattaya has many more alternatives. It is safe to state among the primary factors individuals go to Pattaya is for the wild nightlife


Patong Bangla Road vs. Pattaya Walking Street

Bangla Road in Patong Beach

Bangla Roadway actually comes to life after sundown. The roadway is closed to traffic and ends up being a 400-meter celebration of neon lights, loud music, and low-cost beer. The place is jammed most nights of the year; it is rather a dynamic and friendly location to walk as clubs and bars take on each other for clients.

Beer bars inhabit the majority of the street’s length, with several bars, stores, discos, and dining establishments completing the destinations, both on Soi Bangla and down its side road.

Street efficiencies are likewise typical most nights, which can make evading around the tailor store salespersons, brochure suppliers, street vendors, and ping-pong programs promote harder; however, it is all part of the enjoyable.


Walking Street Pattaya

The fantastic aspect of Pattaya Walking Street is that there is a lot to do and see, and it is mostly loaded that you might invest every night for an entire week there. Aside from having the best of all hangovers, you would still be discovering brand-new locations every night.

We have actually endeavored to survey the bottom lines of interest and even here, we are simply scratching the surface of the numerous sites on and around the neon-drenched strip.

Walking Street Pattaya is the most significant and busiest celebration hotspot in the entire of Thailand, with just a number of the leading locations in Bangkok beating it for large volume and range.

A full kilometer from its modern entrance at the Beach Roadway ends to the Bali Hai Plaza end, nearly every structure along its length is a club, go-go bar, beer bar or dining establishment.

Each of the side roads which cover from Soi 14 to Soi 16, with some uniquely-named streets in between, is more of the exact same, making the entire southern end of the city into a warren of nightlife home entertainments, with something for virtually every taste.


Food! Pattaya vs Patong

You’ll discover a range of food options readily available such as Thai, European, Mexican, French, and Indian.

The cooking options are really varied. However, I believe this one is a toss-up if most travelers had to offer a benefit, it would be Pattaya.

The food alternatives in both Pattaya and Phuket are genuinely excellent. You can eat at anything from a food cart to great dining at a resort.

Pattaya has a broader choice of choices; however, I do not believe you’ll find yourself restricted in Phuket by any means.


Shopping in Patong and Pattaya

If you require to do some shopping you can discover whatever you need in either Pattaya or Phuket. They both have a modern-day shopping center, drug stores, and an endless supply of 7-11 shops.

Phuket has one primary shopping mall, the Jungceylon Shopping mall, which is contemporary and likewise huge.

Furthermore, you can get whatever you may require while on vacation, Phuket just merely does not have a large variety of shopping options like you would discover in Pattaya.

Pattaya is a bigger city and has more shopping alternatives.

The contemporary and big Main Celebration is a fantastic shopping center accommodating almost any requirement a traveler has.

Also, there are numerous other shopping malls such as the Tukcom IT shopping mall, Mike Shopping shopping mall, and the brand-new Harbor Shopping. Moreover, those are simply a few of the shopping malls, markets, and outlet stores offered.

Not to mention the hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of little shops around Pattaya.


Accommodation in Pattaya and Patong

Phuket Hotels

There are fewer alternatives in the spending plan to mid-cost variety under USD 100 per night, and your choices think out. Moreover, the majority of are further back from the ocean. You are taking a look at paying a minimum of USD100 during the night for a good hotel in a great place.

When it comes to hotels in either area, you will be ruined for options. Phuket is a beach location, has a much higher concentration of high-end beach resorts and 4 or 5 stars hotels.


Pattaya Hotels

The majority of the places are not noted on the internet. For instance, scheduling sites like Agoda, but all you need to do is take a roam around town in your preferred location, and you will have lots of choices to pick from. Who wins the Pattaya or Phuket hotel? The answer could depend on how you value your judgment.

There are likewise lots of spending plan lodgings in Pattaya. There are numerous guest houses around that do not use much in the way of facilities; however, they are excellent tidy spaces ideal for those of tighter vacation spending plan.

Pattaya is the opposite. It has a restricted variety of 4 and 5-star hotels, and most of the offered lodging can be much less than USD 100 per night, usually half of that amount. You can get a good hotel, with a swimming pool, in an excellent place for in-between USD 40-70.


Water Sports in Pattaya or Patong

Even if you’re an adventure junkie or a nature lover, water sports in Pattaya and Patong can definitely tempt you. Both places are the perfect place for an adrenaline-pumping holiday with a variety of exciting activities to choose from.

Please remember, in almost every way, Phuket is more costly than Pattaya, but the beaches of Phuket are far greater; by reality, the beaches in the center of Pattaya are not ideal for swimming while the water condition is not clean. Beaches just to Pattaya’s north and south are great but still not as strong as Phuket.

Thailand is the site to be if you desire to try some fantastic water activities. So, here is a list of the best water sports in Thailand. Select your best then.

  • Scuba Diving – Traverse The Sea
  • Banana Boat – Fun Group Activity
  • Jet Skiing – Fast Water Sport
  • Wakeboarding – Glide-On Water
  • Sailing – Slow And Carefree
  • Kite Surfing – Touch The Pull
  • Windsurfing – Go With The Wind
  • Snorkeling – Appreciate In The Clear Water
  • Water Skiing – Test Your Grip
  • Kayaking – Go Alone,
  • White Water Rafting – Cross The Rapids


Pattaya Vs Patong 
Patong beach sports


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving under Pattaya beaches to discover the underwater world is an excellent choice for all the babies out there. You’ll be awestruck by the zoomed-in view of the exotic sea life.

The Price starts from USD 91 per person for two dives (including the rental diving equipment)



Have you ever dreamed of jumping in like a dolphin into a vast stretch of water? Perhaps going out like a bird in the air? What if we suggest you should bring them both together?

Price: USD 88 for a 20-minute ride. Video filming will be in an extra charge.



This one’s for all out there melancholy explorers. Sailing occurs throughout the year, but more so from November to April. You can either make one-day sailing trips or go for accredited sailing courses, depending on your interests.

Price: A day sailing trip could be started at USD 76


Kite Surfing

It is one of the great ways of basking in the real adventure spirit. All you need is the right gear and a gentle breeze across the ocean.

Best time to go from November to April. You can do kitesurf in Pattaya.

Price: One hour of kite-surfing will cost you about USD 33, while courses range from USD120-330, depending upon the duration.



Experience the colorful coral reefs and swim in the turquoise blue waters of Pattaya by snorkeling with a shoal of sharks. This sport resembles scuba diving but requires much less gear. So no wonder so many travelers are in favor of it.

Price: start from USD 30 (gear is included in the price)


Ski Boarding

Lift a ski board and ride the waves as you get pushed at lightning speeds by a speedboat. Be sure to hold your cord close while you enjoy squirting around the water.

Important: basic swimming skills are required.

Price: USD 15 for a half-hour ride



Wakeboarding is essentially a combination of skiing and surfing on a surfboard. Due to the low prices and high level of excitement, this kind of sport has gained significant immense popularity in Pattaya.

Price starts at USD 30 for two hours



This sport of adrenaline going combines the best of surfing and sailing and definitely promises some high-voltage action.

Price: approximately 120 per day to learn windsurfing


Jet Skiing

Jet Ski travel is one of the funniest ways to experience the ocean close by. For this sport, you don’t have to know how to swim, but a basic understanding of driving a bike is required.

Price: around USD 21 for a 30-minute ride



If you really want to catch a glimpse of the world from a bird’s eye when climbing high in the sunny skies, then parasailing is the right decision. You’ll be able to witness the breathtaking coastline, the expanse of water and the surrounding jungles, all while harnessed to a parachute.

Price: approximately USD 12 for a ride


Banana Boat

A Banana Boat trip is a lot of fun and will undoubtedly create a lot of laughs and happiness. In the middle of the ocean, a large inflated boat, shaped like a banana, holds 5-6 passengers. A speedboat at high speeds drags the Banana Boat and immediately turns, tossing everyone into the water, a cool splash when you least expect it.

Price: approximately USD 21 for a half-hour ride for six people


Under Sea Walk

The Under Sea Walk lets you walk along the ocean bed with a fish school swarming throughout your body. There, to study marine life, you are taken to a depth of 20-25 m. Packets of bread are then cut loose to lure fish, and if they like you, they may just eat your handoff.

Price: USD 46 (the cost is included the whole water sport package)


Phuket Snorkeling

The sea here is perfect for snorkeling while it is clear, calm, pleasant, and rupturing with dazzling marine life. Snorkeling can be done year-round in Phuket; however, the best season is November-April, when the seawater is at its most tranquil.

At some beaches, it is possible to lease snorkeling equipment for the day, though it might not be of excellent quality. Numerous search the island offers a series of fins, masks, and snorkels.

Make sure through the May-October low season, when the undertow can end up being alarmingly strong along the west coast. The warm water temperature level (27-28 ° C) implies that snorkelers do not require to use wetsuits, though using a tee shirt is encouraged to prevent sunburn.

Location: Phuket, Phi Phi, Similan Islands


Phuket Kayaking (The Sea Canoe at Phang Nga Bay and Across Phuket)

Sea kayaking around Phang Nga Bay is a fantastic experience you truly should not miss out on. Discover a covert and special world as you weave your scheme through a network of excellent crystalline limestone collapse your sturdy canoe, and expose the mystical concealed world of the hongs.

With professional guides, you require no previous experience or competence to be able to take this distinct journey through among the most beautiful parts of the world.

While some Phuket kayaking trips are self-paddled, others leave you to unwind and take pleasure in the landscapes carefully traveling by as your guide does the paddling for you.

This likewise leaves your hands totally free to hold your video camera, so that you can take spectacular pictures of locations unattainable from the bigger trip boats.


Surfing in Phuket

While surfing in Phuket is not ranked amongst the outright most beautiful worldwide, it must not be dismissed totally. The island supports a vibrant but little surfing neighborhood as the sport has actually ended up being more developed here. The costs for board leasing and courses drop; the community has actually been growing and larger.

The browsing season begins as the high tourist season is merely ending. With the wind instructions changing from east to west around April, the west-coast seas go from utterly flat to ideal for riding a scenario that lasts till the winds reverse around October.

At the same time, the air and water temperature levels are both typically excellent, and the lower variety of travelers puts fewer challenges in the water, making Phuket a safe and comfy location to surf.


Patong vs. Pattaya for Family

It is not that easy to compare between Phuket and Pattaya. While Phuket uses a more tranquil and refreshing experience, Pattaya is a rather loud location with a consistent, crazy celebration environment.

Phuket is a great fit for couples, households, and kids, Pattaya is for the experience freaks, adrenaline addicts, and the ruined part of the population.

No matter how varied and various they are, we wagered it would not be simply selecting one out of either Phuket or Pattaya.


Questions and Answers Section


Is Patong better than Pattaya?

Phuket has an advantage; however, the large volume and range of things to experience on the island will boggle your mind. If you are ever captured in between picking the two locations,

Phuket ought to be your clear option.

If you are short on time, wish to see beaches and delight in the nightlife of Thailand, Pattaya is a great bet then.


What is the best time to visit Patong or Pattaya?

When the weather condition is neither too cold nor too hot and stays mainly enjoyable, the best time to check out Pattaya is from November to February.

This is likewise the peak travel season, and most beaches and other locations of destination are loaded with visitors.


Which is safer amongst Patong and Pattaya?

Phuket and Pattaya both have backgrounds of their own to deliver. Both are safe, and you will encounter no trouble discovering them.


Why is Pattaya famous?

This nightlife hub is renowned for its every day. Such sex industry has made Pattaya become a sin city; however, Pattaya is more than just this, making it one of the most fabulous tourist destinations of all time.