Koh Samui Day Trips, The top Day Trips in Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui Day Trips. Koh Samui is the ideal destination for those looking for great outdoor activities. You can greatly broaden your perspective, learn more about the island and its people or simply have a great time. Spend an unforgettable day out at Angthong National Park or enjoy a jungle safari on Samui. Full day chartered Koh Samui day trip is a great way to explore the island and if you are a golf enthusiast, there is a full choice of golf courses where you can indulge in a great game. While wind surfing is a popular sport, rock climbing is the latest addition that is capturing the fancy of the visitors. While in Koh Samui, here are some outdoor activities that will add glamour to day trip.

Koh Samui day trips are best commenced with Sea safari in Angthong National Park. Various day trips are available that take you to explore the stunning island chain of Angthong Marine Park. The tours take you to three different islands – Wao Island, Tai Phow Island and Mae Kho Island. There is much that you can do on the islands from enjoying the secluded beaches and kayaking to exploring secluded lagoons and stunning viewpoints. Besides, you also have the opportunity to go elephant trekking or indulge in a fish spa.

You can then go on elephant trekking. The mighty elephant is Thailand’s national animal and a symbol of royalty and strength. Samui’s tropical rainforests are best experienced on elephant back. These jungle trips pass exotic fauna and flora, and stop along refreshing waterfalls along the way, where you can dismount and take a refreshing dip. This is surely a great treat on Koh Samui day trips

Finally, you can retire from the day trip by snorkeling in the waters on this island. Tour operators usually have this included in their tour package.