All You need to know about Krabi islands tours

All You need to know about Krabi islands tours

All You need to know about Krabi islands tours

We all know that Krabi has grown its popularity over the years, as the visitors love to visit this astounding landscape. As a result, there are many attractions for visitors in Krabi, and tourism has been increased.

If you want to visit the islands there, then Tours to Krabi and Krabi islands destinations will be the ice on the cake. 

You will find attractions both on land and offshore. You will definitely get an amazing experience when you get to see beautiful destinations and visit the islands.

Also, if you are a snorkelling fan, you will enjoy this relaxing and funny activity on uncrowded beaches and beside the pure white sands.

When talking about the land tours, then the jungle trekking will be on the top. 

Also, you will get to see the striking Buddhist temples along the way.

When it comes to things to do for guests, island hopping should never be overlooked.

There are more than 100 islands with a dramatic rock formation that will grab your attention instantly.

You will find breathtaking scenery and colors even before reaching the beaches with pure white sands.

Follow this quick guide about Krabi tours and boats you can use and enjoy cruising around. Check out as well the interesting suggestions of a 4 day Krabi itinerary.

You may already know all of this that is why you are thinking to visit the Krabi islands, what you want to know is the best way to visit there. 


If this is the case, then we will answer all of your questions regarding this.

Let’s not without wasting any more time, let us dive into:

What are the best places to tour even if you have fewer days to visit?

How can you avoid crowds? 


All You need to know about Krabi islands tours


Here you go:


The four groups of islands

If you want to visit four islands in a single day, then this is absolutely possible! How? Well, there are these four island tours that you can hit directly from the mainland coast in the Krabi. 

These islands are:

The James bond Island

Being the midway point between Phuket and Krabi, these Islands stand out.

These are known to be more stunning even than the Phi Phi islands.

If you want to enjoy the wider cruise of the Phang Nga Bay, then you ought to visit off-peak or independently.

The 4 islands

  1. Whenever you visit the 4 islands, you must keep this thing in your mind that the weather there is always dodgy. If you are looking for some decent snorkelling, it will not be possible on the 4 islands. 
  2. But, if you want to do snorkelling anyway, you should be looking for decent trip providers who can take you away from the spots with high traffic. There you will find the rock islands. On this spot, you will be able to do snorkelling without any apparent problem.

The Hong islands

If you are a nature lover, then the Hong islands will be your best pick, and you will be able to see the best wildlife and can get the best snorkelling experience when you are close to the coast.

Krabi to Hong Island Tour by Speedboat

The Phi Phi islands

One of the must-see islands, with which you will be able to find stunning things along the way.

You will also find the crowd there, as everyone else knows that these islands are a must-see.

You can cover all these four in a single day, either as a part of an organized tour or with a private boat, whatever you like.


All You need to know about Krabi islands tours. Longtail boats


The boats

It depends on you that what vessel you want to choose to visit the Krabi islands. 

What about the method of transport you can select and the pros and cons of each mode of transportation?

  • The long Tail boat

The advantages of the long-tail boat are as follows:

1. It is if compared with other boats, is relatively cheaper and feasible. It is worth the price to charter privately.

2. It gives you a smoother ride.

3. Usually, smaller group size will be accommodated on the organized tours on the long tail boat.

4. the most important advantage of the long tail boat is that it can be parked on any beach.

Disadvantages of the long tail boat are as follows:

1. The first disadvantage of the long tail boat is that it can only travel a short distance. For instance, you cannot take it to Phi Phi.

2. It causes a lot of noise and also it is very splashy.

3. If there is limited mobility, it gets very difficult to get in and out for the people.

  • Speed boat:

Advantages of the speedboat:

1. It is relatively fast in speed and can cover a really long distance in less time, due to which it is more travel friendly.

2. It can be stopped and parked on all the beaches, allowing the travellers to enjoy each beach properly.

Disadvantages of the speedboat:

1. The first and most important disadvantage of it is that the ride is a bit bumpy and unsuitable for wavy conditions.

2. It can be problematic for pregnant women and sick people to ride on it. It is not preferred for infants that are under the age of 18 months.

3. You would not be allowed to see outside while travelling, which might make you miss the beautiful sites.

4. It is said to be relatively expensive to charter.


All You need to know about Krabi islands tours. Speedboat


  • Cruise / dive boat

The advantages of the Cruise/ dive boat are as follows:

1. It gives the travellers an experience of a very smooth ride.

2. It is best in terms of the comfort level because you get the covered deck, sun deck, kitchen and toilet on board.

3. Can do fishing while travelling.


1. It is not possible to park it on all the beaches, it is only suitable for cruising around.

2. Expensive.

3. Less sightseeing


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