All the romantic things couples can do in Thailand for their honeymoon

Only the Top Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Thailand for Their Honeymoon

Only the Top Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Thailand for Their Honeymoon

The romantic beaches, the private islands, secluded candlelight dinner spots in beachfront resorts, the tropical breeze rushing past you, luxurious resort stays, several delicious cuisines to try, and all the fun and activity in Thailand makes it the land of love and romance absolutely perfect and dreamy for couples to visit for their honeymoon.

For every person, marriage and honeymoon are one of the most special moments of their life, and they do so much from planning out each event nicely to selecting the best destination for honeymoon. 

Thailand receives every year thousands of couples and honeymooners. Each year lovebirds come here to make new memories together, to take advantage of the romantic ambiance that the tropical beach destination provides, and bask in the warmth of love and romance.

Thailand is the best destination to have some glorious moments together and to make unforgettable honeymoon experiences. 

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Only the Top Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Thailand for Their Honeymoon

Cruise in Bangkok

Cruising sounds so exotic, right?

In the movies you often see couples sailing on ships holidaying, having brunch and roaming around in the sea, and visiting different places.

So much exciting and fun, right?

Yes, it definitely is, and you can fulfill your desire and have the dreamy moments of cruising with your partner in Bangkok.

Generally, tourists start their tour from Bangkok itself as it is Thailand’s capital city and worldwide famous. In Bangkok’s central river Chao Phraya, you can go cruising.

One of the most incredible and famous spots to sail on ships because it revolves around the city of skyscrapers and gives a glorious view of Bangkok.

It will take you through temples, makers, places where there is greenery and provides a mesmerizing landscape.

  • It is a very relaxing way to be with your partner, to roam at a slow pace around the city, drowning in the mesmerizing beauty of it, along with being with each other on your honeymoon.
  • It gives a picture-perfect view to click several photos, which will be a sweet memory to cherish forever. 

Have the best honeymoon vacation in Thailand, plan it soon, explore the Thailand honeymoon packages.

Watch the sunrise using a hot air balloon in Chiang Mai

Floating in a hot air balloon sounds like a world experience, right?

Going up in the air and flying like a bird. We all dream of experiencing a bird’s life and the view they get of the earth from the top. And when you are in Thailand, the opportunity knocks at your door.

Chiang Mai, the old and colorful city with a traditional touch to it, is located in the northern region of Thailand is the place where you can have the one-time experience of being in a hot air balloon and float over treetops.

Catch the mesmerizing moment when the sun rises while floating in the air over temples, elephant camps, and over the landscape of the countryside.

The professional pilot will navigate and take you up from the ground to a height of around 2000 feet.

Only two people fit in the basket, so it will be you and the pilot.

Both of you start together in the separate hot air balloon and immerse yourself in feeling the thrill, the breathtaking view of the countryside landscape and the rising sun from the top, and the gush of air touching your skin.

A truly out of the world experience which you won’t forget until you lose your memory.

Have candlelight dinner in Koh Samui

Have candlelight dinner in Four Seasons, Koh Samui

Candlelight dinners always feel romantic and special, but what are the more ways one can make it more special and paradise like?

Four seasons is a lavish resort in Koh Samui. It has open villas in the north-western coastline of Koh Samui, in the Laem Yai Bay, and owns a private beach.

They level up the romantic candlelight dinner experience by providing a secluded cove lit with lanterns on the island to have dinner with your partner.

It is one of the best experiences you will ever feel, nothing less than a Disney fairy-tale experience dining in such a romantic setting.

The cuisines are also very delicious there, and Four Seasons Koh Samui is one of the prime focuses of Koh Samui.

After dinner, light paper lanterns and release them in the air together with your better half. What can be most romantic than this? 

Dip into the glorious view that Baba Nest, Sri Panwa provides

While you are there in Phuket, dine in Baba Nest to feel at being in paradise. It is truly a paradise, man-made, which gives an amazing 360-degree view of the sunset and the island from the rooftop bar of Baba Nest.

They take pride in saying that you will have the “sexiest sunset session” being there, and there’s no denying the fact that it is true.

A pool surrounds the rooftop bar and you will get a total view of the whole landscape, the sea, and the breathtaking sunset.

You will have the most romantic dinner here with your beloved, which is unbeatable by any other place to give you such an amazing view and the mesmerizing feeling while dining, especially in Phuket. Make sure you book the tickets months prior to your visit as the place is popular worldwide, and the sitting is limited.  

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And Last but not least!

Learn how to make Thai cuisines with your partner

Learn how to make Thai cuisines with your partner

Both of you are spice lovers and love seafood?

Even if not seafood, but loves other Thai cuisines? It is always fun to take a couple of cooking challenges and learn cooking together.

There are many resorts in Thailand and individual cooking centers that provide couple cooking classes to learn the secret of Thai dishes and make various food and beverages.

There are many places where chefs will take you to the market to teach you about various ingredients.

It is a really fun way to make memories with your partner and learn about other cultures. 

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