Pattaya shopping malls and markets

Pattaya shopping malls and markets

Pattaya shopping

Pattaya shopping malls and markets

When it comes to shopping, you’ll love the experience at Pattaya. It’s a perfect place for shopaholics, whether it’s brand names or local shenanigans. The price of the product is also fairly reasonable. In fact, the incredible variety of things Pattaya has to offer is vast and remarkable in itself.

Whether it’s clothing, handicrafts, furniture, jewelry, Thai spices, spa products, silk, almost everything you’ll find here, make sure you strike a good deal when buying from the local market. The vendors tend to announce a way higher price even for some cheap, basic stuff.

All the malls and markets are situated close to each other, so get a complete idea of the markets wherever you go and give them a quick visit. The best part is, you’re going to enjoy shopping in Pattaya. The markets are colorful and have an impressive spectrum and variety.

We bring you a complete shopping guide to Pattaya with some of the best shopping picks in malls and markets to help you make the best shopping experience possible. Go ahead and check out!

Electronics shopping in Pattaya (Tukcom mall Pattaya)

Tukcom shopping mall is a mobile & IT shopping center, and the place where you can find in one area, smartphones, computers, laptops, cameras, hardware software, and electronic repair shops.

Not only it makes it easy for those wanting to keep up with technology, but it also helps the family lifestyle. There is a large playground indoor for children aged between 3-13 years. Tukcom currently has five branches located in Sri Racha, South Pattaya, Khon Kaen, Chonburi, and Udonthani.

Tukcom mall Pattaya

After Tukcom Srilracha’s tremendous success, Tukcom opened the second in South Pattaya in 2004. The company had purchased a new, modern-looking Day Night Plaza shopping mall and used the new name as “Tukcom Pattaya,” which was Pattaya’s largest IT center. There are eight floors to meet all the needs of both visitors and Thais, including the locals.

This eight-floor mall is filled with small stands and stores selling whatever you might think of as electrical. There is a small store attributed to the Thai electric chain PowerBuy. However, its range of products is dwarfed by the smaller companies selling digital cameras and related equipment, in-car electronics, computers and computer peripherals, apps, games consoles, mobile phones, tablet computers, stereo systems, televisions, CCTV systems and more.

The entire second floor alone is just mobile phones and gadgets, while the upper floors are concentrated in copied devices and DVDs. On the downside, nearby car parking is restricted, and prices inside are said to be slightly higher than those found in Bangkok.

Pattaya night bazaar

Pattaya Night Bazaar is a cozy, covered, and air-conditioned Thai street market recreation. Its main Target is the tourist market, and it’s an excellent place to stock up on souvenirs and summer clothes without having to suffer the endurance test that many other Pattaya markets often become.

Although some of the city’s outdoor markets can get very stuffy in the daytime sun, especially those with very narrow gaps between each stand, a visit to Pattaya Night Bazaar allows you to get the much needed retail fix while beating the heat.

Each of the stalls is housed in permanent structures, with a wide path between them, and the entire building is well-lit and ventilated. 

This is making the shopping experience perfectly friendly!

Items for sale include t-shirts, singletons, shorts, jeans, bags, luggage, sunglasses, scented soaps, and other bathroom smellies, hats, shoes, beer cozies, and a wide range of other souvenirs. It also houses more tailor’s shops than nearly anywhere else in the city.

Pattaya Night Bazaar is like any other market apart from the structure that it includes. The price tags–where any –are always very small and can be haggled down skilfully and tactfully.

The quality of the offered items varies from impressively good to patently fake. The only significant difference from the other big Pattaya markets is the lack of food vendors here.

Although the bright signage at the front of the Pattaya Second Road hangar-like building suggests that this is strictly a nocturnal attraction, the market is open for much of the day.

It is also known as the “Made in Thailand Market,”-which appears to be just as inaccurate when looking at what is for sale!

Pattaya Night Bazaar lies just across the road from Pattaya Central Festival. If you’re driving, it also gives you somewhere to park, because there’s limited space out front for motorbikes, but no place for anything bigger.

Pattaya night bazaar

Mike shopping mall Pattaya

Mike Shopping Mall blends the air-conditioned ambiance of large shopping centers with excellent street market rates. It has a range of smaller brand stores such as Maybelline, Adidas, and Pierre Cardin, but the vendors selling unbranded or copied clothes outnumber these.

It is a wonderful place to go searching for souvenirs and has a range of in and around cheap local dining options. Distinctive among Pattaya’s shopping options, it has a rooftop pool which can be used by the public for a small fee.

Next to some classic (some might say predictable) souvenirs, Mike Shopping Mall is synonymous with great value basics such as swimsuits and printed tees: Buddha images, carved elephants, and fairy lights. There’s also an OTOP Page (One Tambon, One Product) where you can find regional handicrafts and snacks.

Thanks to the low prices, almost continuous sales, and the powerful air conditioning, tourists flock here, which certainly makes for a more pleasurable shopping experience during the hottest months?

The mall covers the entire block between Pattaya Beach Road and 2nd Road and is available from both sides. Mike Shopping Mall stretches from Soi 11 to Soi 12.

Mike shopping mall Pattaya

Although fashion and souvenirs at Mike Shopping Mall are by far the most popular items on offer, there is also a wide range of items on sale, including technology and home furnishings. Constructed over five floors, it is identical to Bangkok’s popular MBK Shopping Mall, with things piled up high with stall after stall.

In malls like this, it’s perfectly acceptable to haggle for a better price, but be aware that you might be expected to buy three or more items for savings of more than 20 percent. There is an excellent value food court on the top floor of Mike Shopping Mall, which serves some quick and easy dishes like noodle soup as well as the papaya salad are sold at 50 baht.

Mike Shopping Mall is known as busy late into the night with a retail environment with welcoming store owners and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Take caution when choosing brand name goods as real as they may or may not be, but there’s nowhere better in Pattaya for a few everyday items–and particularly to pick up some cheap souvenirs.

Central Festival Pattaya

Pattaya shopping malls and markets

CentralFestival Pattaya Beach has dominated the skyline of the town since its inauguration in 2009. It is easily the highest building on the beachfront and also dominates the retail scene of the city with more than 300 shops housed within. It is home to many brands of high street fashion, including Calvin Klein, H&M, Nautica, Marks & Spencer, and Zara.

There is a wide selection of food outlets, from the bottom floor of the Central Food Court to the top of Oishi Ramen, with Middle Eastern Italian and Western cuisines in between.

Electrical shops have outlets for PowerBuy, Canon, and Samsung, while the Central Department Store occupies five floors of the building’s Second Road portion. With the addition of a cinema as well as a bowling alley, CentralFestival is both a shopper’s paradise and one of the city’s main social hotspots.

Central Festival Shopping Mall is Pattaya’s flagship shopping destination. It is constantly popular with a varied mix of tourists and locals flocking there for international brand clothes, varied food choices, and all-time entertainment, such as a cinema, bowling and children’s arcade.

With a beachfront venue and a glass-paneled façade, Central Festival looks miles away from the cheap trinkets and’ Bad Boys Go To Pattaya ‘ polyester t-shirts located on either side in the stalls surrounding the store.

Opened in 2009, the new, ocean-facing architecture offers tourists a panoramic view of Pattaya Bay. It is an eye-catching backdrop to an afternoon shopping Filling where the entire block ranging from Beach Road to 2nd road the range of fashion at Central Festival is unparalleled in Pattaya with Calvin Klein, French Connection and Armani Exchange–to name a few–

Beyond these name labels, there are a number of shops offering different price ranges for clothing and accessories. The whole department store dominates this five-story shopping mall with a 10-screen theater and bowling alley on top of it on two more levels.

In addition to fashion, there are several cameras, computer, and technology stores on the third floor with a certified Apple reseller, and two floors of restaurants, cafés, and recreation activities such as Mario Land arcade games and Kiddy Land for infants.

It’s clear that the mall was planned to offer a full range of activities to visitors when they’re tired of the beach, or on days when they’re lounging outside in no option. Food options include a wide range of world cuisine, including plenty of Japanese, Thai, Indian, and a growing number of outlets from Russia. FoodLoft, which is the part upmarket food court and part a buffet à la carte, is a novel dining choice at Central Festival.

This includes many food islands covering all of the world cuisines and is a great choice for large groups who are not decided what to eat. You can order their food and give the receipts to a waiter who, once it is prepared, will bring food to your table. It also has dining al fresco, facing Pattaya Bay.

There is a landscaped garden in front of the shopping mall and several water features in a sunken piazza with quick-food outlets and sometimes special events during holiday seasons. Although the main shopping center closes at 23:00, some of the stand-alone bars and restaurants located around the entrances remain open until 02:00. They are suitable for most tourist who wants to drink and dine late into the night.

Anyone visiting Pattaya will end up at the Central Festival at least once, and possibly daily, as it’s superior to all other shopping malls in the city due to its world-class range of shops, additional attractions, and sleek, modern design.

New Terminal 21 Pattaya Shopping Mall

New Terminal 21 Pattaya Shopping Mall

Recently an important new shopping mall opened in Pattaya. The airport-themed shopping center is Thailand’s third of its kind with Terminal 21 shopping malls, also situated in Asoke in central Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat). The Terminal 21 mall in south Bangkok, along the Chao Phraya River, is scheduled to open in 2022.

Shoppers can find a variety of local and international brands at Terminal 21 as well as the choice of restaurants from Thai to Italian. And with two exterior aircraft and replicas of famous world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower inside, the new mall of Pattaya is likely to be an instant hit with self-loving tourists.

The location for the New Terminal 21 Pattaya Shopping Mall

At the entrance, security guards in airport uniforms greet customers, and each floor is a’ destination.’ Each new level has an international theme with London, Tokyo, Paris, and San Fransisco. All featured as you travel up the escalators. The fourth floor in the luxurious SFX Cinema is’ Hollywood Road’ and the place to go and catch up with the latest movies.

New Terminal 21 Pattaya Shopping Mall

The Outlet Mall Pattaya

The Outlet Mall is a two-story indoor shopping center that offers curated international brands, including Levi’s, and Warner Bros. The studio, as well as many Thai high streets and unlabeled clothing brands. In the main forecourt areas, as well as the anchor stores, there are many stalls, with shelves and bargain bins of all kinds of products.

The Outlet Mall is the best place for the whole family to pick up swim-and-beach wear, and a large children’s clothing store in the lower level. Of course, with this season’s fashion at near full prices and older season styles selling with bigger discounts, there are many ladies fashion shops to choose from here.

The Outlet Mall might not look as big as other Pattaya malls, the obvious example being the Central Festival Mall on Pattaya Beach Road. Still, it’s sure to offer the greatest savings and has tried to provide the whole family with items of interest. There are a few on-site restaurants, one serving Thai-style noodles and another focusing on burgers and hot dogs, but this is a place to find quality clothing at discount prices.

The mall offer selection of local and international brands on offer in Outlet Mall Pattaya is impressive; there is even more to the huge savings available. Up to 70 percent of initial merchandise prices from Levi, Camel Active, Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Warner Bros have been knocked off.

The downstairs Premium Fashion Mall features a street market layout recreation but on sale with names such as Clarks, Samsonite, Speedo, and Crocs. One of the finest low-cost and high-quality Thai restaurants in Pattaya is among the few on-site eating options.

The Outlet Mall Pattaya map with all the other markets and shopping Malls in Pattaya

Shopping Pattaya vs. Bangkok

In Pattaya, the shopping options are varied and comprehensive. Admittedly not in the same league as in Bangkok, there are, however, a variety of options, from popular street markets to luxury malls. From unique souvenirs to top brand clothes, you can find great bargains on anything.

It includes, of course, the cheap copies available on most of the country’s markets, along with a range of street foods, cosmetics, electronics, toys, novelties, curiosities, DVDs, plants, pets, and nearly everything else you could think.

Many of the Pattaya shopping malls also double as interesting attractions, bringing a day of retail therapy with an added interest. These include a recreation of the floating markets in Bangkok, a recreation of a French town, and the inclusion of special shows, parks, museums, cinemas, bowling alleys, and fantastic city views.

Floating Markets in Bangkok

What is famous in Pattaya for shopping?

Pattaya shopping malls and markets

There are a number of both popular and unique things you can buy at Pattaya. While there are malls and retail stores on one side selling branded clothes and ornaments, on the other hand, there are night markets selling handicrafts, souvenirs, and inexpensive copies of almost everything. You can buy everything in Pattaya’s markets from street food, cosmetics, electronics, toys, novelties, curiosities, DVDs, plants, and even pets.

What is Pattaya famous for?

Pattaya is known for different things, but Pattaya is renowned for its large population of very sweet, very beautiful ladyboys.

Is Pattaya cheaper than Bangkok?

You will find that Bangkok shopping is way cheaper than Pattaya shopping. In reality, compared to their counterparts in Pattaya, you’ll be able to buy a lot of products at half the price on Bangkok’s night markets. But then there’s more variety of things that Pattaya will offer.