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Khao Lak is a seaside resort in Thailand, which is a starting point for excursions to scuba diving cruises to the Similan and Surin islands. With the park’s pristine reefs, it is considered one of the most famous dive sites in the world, also affording some of the best snorkeling in Thailand.

What separates Khao Lak from its neighboring tourist destinations like Phuket is its privacy and seclusion. Planning Khao Lak Sightseeing Tours, this article will take you through different locations you need to touch.

Khao Lak is always a big surprise because it is such a place full of so many locations to see and things to do, at first sight, might look like just a simple small coast town!


… as you spend the first hours there, you will realize you cannot spend enough days to cover all the relevant attractions, everything this beautiful place has to offer.

Khao Lak is in reality still well underrated. The truth is that it is a major holiday spot, both for the locals and for tourists from all over the world.

Khao Lak offers an atmosphere that is like no other place in Thailand, the ambiance of a tranquil but well-served coastline, with so many lovely pristine beaches.

It is the perfect place for you, to hit the waves, take a sneak peek at the scurrying crabs on the beaches, enjoy the starlit skies with the daily breeze washing your face daily.

Khao Lak sightseeing tours are better experienced when you go with your spouse, your beloved half or your family.

Khao Lak sightseeing tours

Outdoor activities are our favorite, and when we were planning a trip to Khao Lak, we were looking for one. After my research, we came across sightseeing tours.

Hence in this article, we will tell you about Khao Lak tours, sightseeing adventures and best tours from Khao Lak Island.

Khao Lak is Thailand’s seaside resort, a starting point for scuba diving cruises to the islands of Similan and Surin.

With the pristine reefs of the park, it is considered one of the world’s most popular dive sites, offering some of Thailand’s best snorkeling.

Khao Lak is isolated from its neighboring tourist destinations such as Phuket by its confidentiality and unique relaxed atmosphere.

Khao Lak Sightseeing Tours planning, this article will take you through various locations you need to touch.

Khao Lak has so many places to see, and you can’t spend enough days doing stuff to cover all that this beautiful place has to offer. For all locals and tourists from all over the world, it is an important holiday spot. It offers a desolate island’s environment with all the gorgeous pristine beaches it has to offer.

It’s the perfect place to hit the unfurling waves, take a sneak peek at the scurrying crabs on the beaches and watch the balmy breeze washing your face into starlit skies. When you go with your family, Khao Lak sightseeing tours are better experienced.

The islands of Similan are an archipelago of nine small islands near Khao Lak.

Diving is one of the island’s famous activities, coupled with colorful corals, stunning marine life and crystal clear waters.

These are now part of a marine national park and are known for their domestic tropical fish.

Located near the Khao Lak Islands, the Surin Islands are thronged with tourists for activities such as snorkeling and hiking.

Surrounded by huge rocks, rocks, and thin trees, they give a panoramic view of the islands, and without them, sightseeing tours of Khao Lak are never better.

Trips to Phi Phi island from Khao Lak

Enjoy air-conditioned minivan transport to the Royal Phuket Marina pier from your hotel in Khao Lak. There will be a light breakfast at the Pier Lounge. Let’s start this journey to Koh Phi Phi all day long.

You will Experience about 1 hour of a speedboat ride from the departure, sightseeing, and snorkeling. A briefing on safety features and tour features will be provided; after all, you can enjoy the departure time on-board to the Phi Phi Islands and free soft drinks. Arriving at the National Park of Phi Phi Islands, Maya Bay can explore and curl up.

Perhaps you will soon be free to float with the snorkeling equipment to see colorful tropical fish and enjoy swimming and sunny moments. The excursion can even pause for sightseeing and the chance of beautiful pictures to Monkey shore, the popular bird planters Viking cave.

A spectacular moment of this excursion is the place we enter for swimming and snorkeling time in the Pileh Lagoon, a beautiful backdrop of somewhat rare and striking cliffs.

What to expect on the speedboat trips to Phi Phi island from Khao Lak?

In this tour expect a wide range of diving gear selections, your disposal is constantly at no cost. Enjoy this particular ride-on excursion with Professional Tour Guide and experienced crew along with Captain on board with you and at your service.

Phi Phi Island by speed boat is an amazing full-day holiday by speed boat; from Khao Lak to Phi Phi, you can hit most of the most useful snorkeling and swimming areas.

The speed boat tours would be the best when it comes to hitting shallow waters along with docking absolutely on the shores to help make you enjoy every place except the headache.

This speed boat vacation will show you Phi Phi Islands, Khai Islands, Andaman Sea’s famous tourist locations.

The islands are a perfect destination for their living natural water sports, such as swimming and snorkeling, always in all visitors.

The waters look like pools, currently surrounded by magnificent cliffs of the mountains, shooting unforgettable pictures of just about every moment of the tour.

Be amazed at all the amazing perspectives of Maya Bay along with most of the National Park’s outstanding environments and the most visited locations of Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don.

Love together with us flavorful lunch inshore vacation as you will undoubtedly soon probably end up investing the rest of that period around this particular tour swimming in the seas, lounging on the white sandy shore or relaxing in beautiful colorful waters.

What’s included 

  • Air-conditioned cars with an experienced driver
  • On-board beverages: soft drinks, soda, and juice
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Lunch: buffet lunch, drinks (water, coffee, and tea)
  • Safety equipment: life jacket, mask, and snorkel
  • Insurance
  • National park fees
  • Free transfer from/to the hotel for these areas: Khao Lak Hotels and Resorts

James bond island tour from Khao Lak 

If you are looking for sightseeing on the island of Panak but also on the island of Hong (Phang Nga Bay).

With this tour

  1. You will canoe in caves and lagoons on the island of Hong
  2. Visit the island of James Bond, Khao Ping Kan
  3. There is a great buffet lunch on the popular fishing Village of Panyee Island
  4. Visit the caves for ice cream
  5. Experience diving and snorkeling on the island of Khai

What you’ll do James bond island tour from Khao Lak?

Khao Lak to James Bond and Khai Island Tour by Speedboat will lead you to discover incredibly beautiful highlights such as James Bond Island, Lod Island, Panak Island, Hong Island, Panyee Fisherman Village, James Bond Island, amazing ancient paintings, not the less discovered great snorkeling and swimming time on Khai Island for refreshing and enjoyable relaxing time.

Khao Lak to James Bond and Khai Island Speedboat Tour will possibly always be the best Khao Lak island tours.

This tour is very complete with a lot of included activities, for example, the canoeing and snorkeling.

This must-see scenery in the region and the bay will still drive your attention and memories.

The tour takes you to the iconic James Bond Island, a natural stage filmed in 1974 by the James Bond film Man with The Golden Gun. Phang Nga National Park islands, which have the most spectacular scenery, underground rock-open lagoons, breathtaking caves.

To take amazing pictures, this tour is highly recommended.

James Bond Island and Khai Island Tour, an unforgettable full-day trip with all of these inclusions and amenities such as transportation from you to and from the Pier, soft drinks, coffee and tea, drinking water, lunch buffet, natural park fees.

When to expect

The tour staff will serve you with a selection of drinks, arriving at Royal Phuket Marina and debriefing all guests with the four pieces of information.

We will continue the tour to Phang Nga Bay, arriving at Panak Island for exciting sightseeing of many highlights such as stalactites, caves, and lagoons.

Experience wonderful sightseeing on the island of Panak and also enjoy the lagoons and mangrove forests on the island of Hong.

Enjoy free time visiting the island of James Bond and the fishing village of Khao Ping Kan. Visit the ice cream caves, swim and snorkel on Khai Island, enjoy an excellent buffet lunch on Panyee Island (the popular fishing village built on water).

Enjoy beautiful sightseeing on the island of Panak and Hong Island, fantastic canoe time experience with our Hong Island mangrove forest workers visiting the island of James Bond and Khao Ping Kan. For sightseeing in the mangrove forest, the tour will travel to Lod Island and see “Puddle Rock” and ancient paintings.

Next, you will enjoy a performance lunch buffet at Panyee Island. The tour will take you to Khai Island to allow you to enjoy great snorkeling time and relax on the beach (you can also enjoy additional activities not included in the price).

The tour returns to the Pier of Royal Phuket Marina to arrange the transfer back to your accommodation.

What’s included

  • Air-conditioned vehicles with an experienced driver
  • English speaking guide
  • Canapé snacks and hot or cold drinks
  • All snorkeling equipment
  • Lunch buffet
  • Afternoon snacks, fruit, and drinks
  • National Marine Park fee included
  • Insurance

Similan Islands Tour from Khao Lak

Khao Lak to Similan islands

The Similan Islands is a little untouched archipelago of 9 small islands, near Khao Lak.

Diving has always been one of the popular activities to do at the islands because these places teamed with colorful unique corals, beautiful marine life, very clear pristine waters.

These islands are now protected and secured as part of a national marine park. They are well known for the tropical fish species they house.

The Similan Islands, as well as the Surin islands, also located close to the Khao Lak islands, are famous with all Khao Lak visitors for activities like snorkeling, hiking the viewpoints for once in a lifetime pictures!

The viewpoints here are surrounded by huge rocks and they offer a very panoramic view of the islands.

Similan Islands Tour takes you to islands with striking speedboat features, at first sight, are the huge boulders littering on several of the beautiful Similan Islands on the western and southern shores.

Similan islands consist of nine islands known for beaches with long white coral sand, crystal blue waters and some of Thailand’s best scenery.

There is a wide variety of marine life on the islands, many of which are rare and endangered species. It also has beautiful white coral-sand beaches, beautifully picturesque and often desolate, but under the waves, there are the most thrilling sights to be found.

The Similan Islands speedboat tour is a day trip starting from Khao Lak and with it: you will discover the crystal clear waters and the Similan Islands ‘ amazing aquatic life.

Here you can find some of the world’s most spectacular coral growths, and the same boulders that scatter the shores have turned the waters around the Similans into a playground for divers.

The islands are home to crab-eating monkeys, dusky langurs, squirrels, bats, lizards, and a tasty variety of birds (although the monkeys are timid and seldom seen by the casual observer).

On this journey, you’re expected to enjoy your adventure and catch the fantastic photo moments.

On the islands ‘ west side, currents kept the formations clear of sand and on the east side’s coral-covered sandy slopes; the rocks were mostly buried.

Snorkeling and swimming with colorful coral fish and sea turtle as well as sunbathing are great activities for this trip.

There will be the snorkeling guide to take care of you, so don’t worry if you’ve never done snorkeling before you find it fun and lovely.

Similan speedboat tour of the island includes your transportation, a delicious lunch buffet, soft drinks, coffee and tea; drinking water, fees for national parks, and snorkeling equipment.

After your hotel picks up, you will start the tour by Arriving at the Pier to check in with our tour staff, help with the tour briefing, select your masks and snorkels, meet our tour guide. For you, enjoy a light breakfast.

Depart for the islands of Similan, and we arrive for a wonderful time snorkeling and swimming around islands n 5 and 6 on the first islands.

First, you can relax on the beach to enjoy an excellent lunch on the island n 4 in Thai style, so we will continue the tour to find another fantastic spot and enjoy snorkeling around the island.

Visit and get climb on top of the famous symbol of the islands, the sailing rock, a great viewpoint with a stunning view for your final photo.

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