Khao Lak Day Trips, the most popular Day Trips in Khao Lak Thailand

Khao Lak is located just in the mainland province of Phang Nga, about 90 minutes north of Phuket Island, it is among the newly discovered must-see locations in Thailand, which makes it perfect for any sort Khao Lak Day Trips involving outdoor activities and sightseeing.

The area is incredible as it stretches across three national parks, it offers nature lovers an unspoiled tropical landscape of beaches, hills, mountains, forested valleys, mangroves, and estuaries. To engage in Khao Lak day trips, you can engage in some of the following activities.

The underwater sightseeing in Koh Lak is an amazing experience. There are over 200 types of hard coral for example at Surin Islands and you can reach them from Khao Lak on full-day trips. This island houses some of the best reefs. You can take a tour of the coral gardens or take up drift diving.

With its dense jungles and scenic bays, this island is indeed a treat for the eyes. You can also visit the beautiful temples here. Below you can discover the most popular day trips in Khao Lak Thailand.

For those looking for culture, there are a few sea gypsy settlements to visit on the islands off the coast. Also, Khao Lak day trips to the nearby Phang-Nga Bay are a good idea. This is the location of the iconic James Bond Island (used for The Man with the Golden Gun movie). Also in the bay is the fascinating Koh Panyi. It is an artificial floating island inhabited by Muslims. There is even a football pitch on the island.

Khao Lak is one of the top diving areas in Thailand. Several coral formations can be found near the coast. It provides a huge amount of diversity to the divers. You can enjoy snorkeling here. Apart from this, you can undertake Khao Lak day trips to the Similan and Surin Islands. Similan Island is located 55 kilometers from Khao Lak.

Khao Lak is a perfect traveler’s paradise where you can sit back and enjoy its golden beaches. There are several Thai bungalows and cottages where you can stay. These offer a superb view of the sea and the tropical forests around it.

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