Bangkok Sightseeing Tours, Explore the best Sightseeing Places in Bangkok Thailand

The City of Angels as it is popularly called is as exciting as it is diverse. Bangkok is a city of visual pleasures, striking fragrances, and happening lifestyle. It offers a wide scope to the tourists to explore the hidden secrets of Asia. Be it stunning temples, fantastic fortresses, floating markets or vibrant nightlife, Bangkok has a unique fascinating story to tell. Thinking of engaging in Bangkok sightseeing tours? There are numerous things to do: Some of them include; A visit to Grand Palace; This palace wonderful structure composed of unique architectural design of golden temples and complex buildings where the King used to live. Tourists come here in thousands to engage in sightseeing and catch a glimpse of one of the wonders of Asia. Being a respected place, tourists are expected to dress appropriately when visiting this location. Discover the best sightseeing places in Bangkok Thailand.

From here, you can proceed in your Bangkok sightseeing tours to National Gallery. The Gallery is very close to the museum and you can use a stone to kill two birds by visiting the National Museum as well. The National Gallery displays contemporary and classical master piece of Thai art, including paintings by ancient Kings. Bangkok sightseeing tours without visiting this location is not complete.

The Floating Market is another place to be. This market is on boats, floating in the canals and river. It is an attractive place for tourists to see the ancient style and traditional way of selling and buying in Bangkok.

When you leave the floating market, a visit to Safari World and Marine Park is a must. This is a natural habitat and reserve for Asian and African wildlife. It features a wild animal feeding show, primate boxing show, water ski show and lots more; you will surely enjoy your Bangkok sightseeing tours by engaging in all the activities listed above and you’ll surely want to come back for more after your first trip.