Bangkok Day Trips, Check out the best Day Trips in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok has long been fascinating tourists with its rich history & culture, superb architectures and mesmerizing natural beauty. Taking Bangkok day trips, will bring you to the fragments of ancient charm within it urban chaos. There are numerous sights and location to visit that will leave you wanting to come back to this beautiful city again and again. You can begin Bangkok day trips by visiting the Grand Palace. It is a place of festivals, Royal coronations, peace and spirituality and it describes Bangkok’s emblematic heart. Below you can find the last day trips in Bangkok Thailand.

Leaving there, you can proceed to the Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). This is temple named after the Indian God of the Dawn. About 80m tall, it symbolizes the legendary, center of the universe. It is a major landmark and impressive sight on the west bank of the lovely Chao Phraya River. Wat Pho, Wat Saket and Wat Traimit are other temples that stand symbolic for excellent architecture and superb peace and divinity.

A visit to the Siam Ocean World is another experience not to be missed on your day trip. This aquarium complex in located right in the center of Bangkok. It has a massive display of shark, Sea Otter, Stingray and Penguin feeding and it is an appeal to the eye.

You can then go to see the artificial hill of Wat Saket with a towering pagoda. It was built far back as 1850, and on a Bangkok day trip to this place, you can climb 318 steps to the top and catch a great view of the city.

Bangkok day trips without a glimpse in to it scintillating and bustled night clubs and massage parlors is not complete because this vibrant Asian city never sleeps. Definitely, your heartbeat will perceptibly be faster when on a Bangkok day trip actualizing that this is a place you will not easily forget.