Pattaya Sightseeing Tours, Discover the best Sightseeing Places in Pattaya

Pattaya is any vacationer’s paradise; the colorful beaches, its religious monuments and nature’s display of incredible sights are a treat to the body and mind. This jaw dropping beauty is known to be the main hub for all the commercial party scenes in Bangkok. A city that witnesses hordes of tourists year after year extends its enticing experience to one and all that make a trip to this side. Let us now take a look at locations where you can engage in Pattaya sightseeing tours. Below you can explore the best¬†sightseeing places in Pattaya Thailand.

The beach is one of the main tourist attractions in Pattaya. Its turquoise blue waters, glistening white sand, gentle sun’s rays; all of which makes your Pattaya sightseeing tours worth it all. You could consider hitting the small island beaches such as Coral Island, Ko Phai, Ko Khrok, and a few other acclaimed ones by booking a boat to take you from point A to B. A quick swing in Koh Larn Island will give you the amazing opportunity of having a gala time in crystal clear waters and exploring the rich and colorful coral reefs.

Next is to visit the Pattaya floating market. No sightseeing tour package to Pattaya is complete without hitting the well-famed floating market. You can discover intricate handicrafts of Thailand, some mouth-watering authentic Thai food and what’s unique is that you will be floating through the market. This unconventional experience is something that will stand out in your entire Pattaya sightseeing tours.

Finally round up your tour by catching a glimpse of the walking street. The center of all attractions for all those who love an active, loud and crazy ambiance! So, wear on your party clothes and make a night trip to walking street to experience the entire street packed with bars, pubs, cafes and night clubs. So when you decide to take a Pattaya sightseeing tour package, make sure to include this street on your itinerary. In addition, it is recommended that you keep your kids back at the hotel room when planning on a night long party on the walking street.