Pattaya Day Trips, Explore the best Day Trips in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya Day Trips. Pattaya is an attractive tourist spot, full of splendid beaches, and exceptional nightlife. Being transferred into a beach resort, Pattaya has turned into a destination for the tourists to spend their vacation. In addition, Pattaya is an excellent and beautiful place for anybody who is seeking for some sort of adventure in the land of Thailand. Explore the best day trips in Pattaya Thailand.

Below are some of the activities you can try out on Pattaya day trips.

You can engage in Pattaya day trips to the Water Park. This large resort and hotel complex is located in Jomtien, and features a tall, 240-meter tower with three revolving restaurants on different floors. There are three options available for visitors to choose how they would like to get back on the ground: Sky Shutter, Speed Shutter, or Tower Jump – determined by how much of an adrenalin rush you prefer.

At Funny Land Amusement Park, there is a roller coaster, or you can choose an even faster mode of transport in the Tower Shot. A monorail also runs through the resort. Massive water slides, Jacuzzi, whirlpools and a large pool for children provide heaps of fun, minutes from the beach.

You can then proceed to dive into the deep blue and explore the ocean floor up close and personal in this exciting submarine adventure. Guests are ferried out to the ‘Yellow Submarine’ in the azure blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand where their adventure begins. Upon submersion, you will have a chance to explore exotic coral reefs that feature an amazing selection of underwater species, some 25-meters below the sea. Skilled divers display a wide variety of amazing creatures.

On Pattaya day trip, you can take a 45 minutes ride away on a ferry to Koh Lan (Coral Island) that is located offshore of South Pattaya and a little paradise! It beaches are clean, and the water is always so clear. Enjoy all kind of activities like those you find on Jomtien and, in addition, view coral through glass-bottom boats or snorkeling.

In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy the sights and sounds of Muay Thai drum performance, Thai dance and elephant talent shows during their Pattaya day trips. Other activities include elephant rides, paddle boats and cycling. Showcasing exotic blossoms and beautiful topiary gardens, this theme park is sure to fascinate visitors on their Pattaya day trips.