Pattaya Day Tours, Discover the best Day Tours in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya Day Tours. Located less than 150 km from Bangkok, Pattaya is an ideal place to enjoy sea, sand and sun. With its enchanting range of tourist attractions, this place beckons hordes of travellers and expatriates. Pattaya and its surrounding areas are known for sailing, therefore, there are numerous boats sailing and cruising around the nearby islands. Discover the best day tours in Pattaya Thailand.

One of the places you have to visit on Pattaya day tours is Ko Lan, which is located 8km away from the shore. This place is ideal for divers since there is a remarkable abundance of coral. However, you can always go on a small glass bottom boat to enjoy the underwater spectacle if you are not that comfortable with diving. The majority of boats moor at Ta Waen which is a beach at the north end of this island; it is full of bars and stalls where you can buy your drinks and snacks. There are many more beaches on the island, which can be less crowded depending on the time of the year.

Ko Krok is another option you have; it is a sandy beach on the eastern part of the island. Snorkeling is a great option there since the coral is spectacular. Further on to the west, you can see another group of islands, the Ko Pai islands including the Ko Leum and Ko Pai, which are a great idea for Pattaya day tours since they also offer an excellent option for scuba diving and snorkeling. They are 13km away from the shore, so they attract less visitors; this means that you can enjoy the beach and waters to the full, since they rarely get crowded.

If you are into something more conventional, you can always visit Nong Nooch Village, where you can see traditional local dancers and enjoy the scenic view. There are also some huge but friendly pachyderms that you can ride, if you are up to some thrill during Pattaya day tour. You should also consider not missing a visit to the truly lovely Orchid Gardens of Pattaya.