Krabi Tour Package, Discover the last Tour Package in Krabi Thailand

Krabi Tour Package. Krabi is located at the Southern part of Thailand and is widely known as a beautiful beach destination and it is surrounded by the crystal clear Andaman Sea where there are many limestone cliffs. Most often, visit to this location is designed in package. Krabi tour package has a lot to offer to tourists and you shouldn’t miss them. This article will take you through some locations that are included in Krabi Tour Package for you.

The center of tourism in mainland Krabi is Ao Nang. Ao Nang started out just a few years ago as a sleepy fishing village and although it has grown fast and continues to do so, it still very much has a village feel to it. Ao Nang itself is split into multiple areas by mountains and cliffs that have ensured that wherever you are, you are never far from an amazing view. What a beautiful place to be included in a Krabi Tour Package.

The beauty of Krabi is that every beach area is actually A National Park. There are no private beaches, no areas excluded to the public and resorts are not allowed to mark areas for their exclusive use.

You can also visit the Tiger Cave Temple. It is just outside Krabi Town and is one of the ‘must see’ attractions. It’s a truly beautiful place and if you can muster up the energy to get up the 1237 steps, it’s well worth the view.

Avery important place in a Krabi tour package is a visit to the Thalane Bay. It is one of the most amazingly beautiful bays in the world rivalling Ha Lung Bay in Viet Nam. There are no tourist centers as such or popular swimming beaches, but the scenery makes it well worth the trip.