Krabi Day Tours, Discover the best Day Tours from Krabi Thailand

Krabi Day Tours.¬†Krabi, nestled on the coast of the Andaman Sea and with a coastline of limestone mountains rising majestically out of the ground is for good reason, primarily known as a beach destination. It should not only be known for this though, inland there are many attractions, beauty spots and activities. It’s this combination of sea and land that makes unique Krabi Day Tours. Explore the last Day Tours from Krabi Thailand.

There are a lot of things to do on a day tour to Krabi. Some of which include:

A Visit to Koh Lanta Marine National Park

The sea gypsies still live and work on the island of Koh Lanta. For centuries they have practiced their own form of spirit worship and spoken their own distinct language. This island also has the region’s standard fare of beautiful beaches, unique rock formations and stunning coral reefs for exploration. Some of the rainforest on this island is virtually untouched and remains protected. You will see other tourists if you choose to visit this location on Krabi Day Tours.

From there, you can go Rock climbing. The limestone cliffs and unique stone formations have helped Krabi carve out a global reputation among rock climbing circles. Ton Sai is the first stop for most climbers, as it’s the most frequented climbed spot in the area. Other climbing outings to more secluded areas are easily arranged with the help of climbing outfitters.

Next thing to do on Krabi Day Tours is to go Scuba diving. Krabi is hospitable all year round divers. Snorkeling is also a great way to get a view of the coral reefs. Diving companies on the mainland can get you certified as a diver and will also arrange diving trips out to all of the best reefs in the surrounding area.

Finally you can unwind with Krabi nightlife with different beach resort having bars and restaurants. They have their doors open till midnight and there are also family-oriented restaurants where you can relax in a quiet atmosphere.