Chiang Mai Tour Package, the best Tour Package in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Tour Package. Chiang Mai is one of the largest City of Thailand which is unequivocally famous for its magnificent mountains, lush green lawns, and spectacular looking plains. It is home to different Buddha temples and it has a cool weather and breathtaking scenery. There are numerous tourist locations to visit on a Chiang Mai tour package. The city is situated on a wondrous plain at the altitude of 316 m and it is more serene and greener then the capital of Thailand (Bangkok). Explore the best Tour Package in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Tourism agencies have different threat for you on a Chiang Mai Tour Package. Some of which include: a visit to the Mae elephant village. Here you can admire the strength beauty and of these immense gentle animals.

There is a local elephant training center where you will see elephants at work and visitors can be wondered of a formidable demonstration of how these trained elephants are used to help the local community in logging work and in their farming activities. Other cool experiences you should enjoy at the elephant village include: watching elephant tricks, sport, and even elephant painting.

Chiang Mai tour package also include visit to the golden triangle and the Karen long neck tribe. The triangle is renowned for its massive production of opium. As for the Karen Long Neck Tribe, they are a group of people whose women wear golden rings and brace round their neck thus making it long. It is the traditional method of beautification of this tribe and they are not a sight to miss on your Chiang Mai tour.

Chiang Mai tour package has many things to offer to visitors. Among which include boat trip to visit Laos on the Mekong River. Here tourists enjoy the beautiful aquatic view of the Mekong River which is the lifeline of Laos.