Chiang Mai Day Trips, the Best Day Trips from Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Day Trips. There are lots of wonderful experiences to have in this lovely city and taking a Chiang Mai Day Trips will definitely bring you closer to these adventures. There are thundering waterfalls, lush forest trekking trails, and spectacular caves to name just a few. Golden temples sit atop blue-green mountains, and verdant valleys are filled with diverse flora and fauna – a gorgeous landscape that can be explored by foot, river raft, or even elephant! For a taste of the possibilities, read on. Discover the best Day Trips in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Start your Chiang Mai day trips by visitig Wat Doi Suthep, a lovely temple nestled on the slopes of the mountain that lends it its name. The spire of its glinting chedi can often be glimpsed as a spark of gold by those who look towards the mountains from certain streets in Chiang Mai. The stairs are a challenging but rewarding climb, and many prefer to take them only on the way down – their tiled banisters, in the form of the legendary seven-headed snake Naga, are one of the temple’s many attractions.

Elephant Trekking is another true adventure on a Chiang Mai Day Trips. The elephants that populated these forests were domesticated and used for labor, transport and even war. An army may have been headed by mounted elephants, and a battle could be decided by single elephant combat – the objective being for one elephant to overturn the other and dislodge its riders. These days, elephants are more likely to be found enjoying a river bath or carrying adventurous passengers along narrow jungle trails.

Those keen to see the world’s natural wonders should make sure to visit the caves at Chiang Dao as part of their Chiang Mai Day Trips. These limestone caves extend into the forest-draped mountains and are filled with fantastical stalagmites and stalactites. Some of these, and some of the other rock formations, are reminiscent of animals or legendary beings, and have stories connected to them by locals.