Chiang Mai Day Tours, the Top Day Tours in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Day Tours. From the idyllic beaches of the south to Bangkok’s bustle to the jungle-shrouded northern mountains, Thailand is diverse of terrain and atmosphere. It is filled with wonderful places to explore and one of the jewels in its crown is Chiang Mai, the old capital of the north. The city is a thriving modern one that still retains many aspects of its old-world glory. Quieter than Bangkok, it is nonetheless full of life, as those who opt for Chiang Mai Day Tours will soon discover. There are many facets to this city, but those seeking a starting point may find it in one of the following attractions. Below you can see the last Day Tours in Chiang Mai Thailand.

You can begin you Chiang Mai Day Tours with a visit to Doi Ithanoon national park where you will see different wild animals and beasts in reality. The park is on the peak of the tallest mountain in the whole of Thailand and it is the perfect place to have a view of the city and enjoy it panoramic view.

Then you can feel the city by strolling through its streets. Chiang Mai offers plenty of opportunities for doing so. Its proximity to the river Ping, and the remnants of the old city moat and walls, provide some good places for wandering, with many beautiful old temples to stumble across, and you’re never far away from a cozy café, handicraft shop, or local art gallery. With all this to your advantage, you won’t regret embarking on a Chiang Mai Day Tours.

Finally, you can unwind from the day’s stress by visiting the sprawling street market that takes over an entire district after sunset. The official bazaar is housed in a multi-storey building, while many more stalls line the pavements of the surrounding streets. This market is known for its variety: stalls selling T-shirts and sunglasses rub shoulders with those selling fine handicrafts; artists of varying styles take their place alongside DVD stands and spice sellers.