Koh Lanta Tours, the best day tours in Koh Lanta Island Thailand

Koh Lanta Tours. Located few hours from Krabi, Koh Lanta is a slow and peaceful island with a very friendly and welcoming culture. This remarkable island has so much to offer with beautiful coast lines, abundance of beaches and natural bays, a National Park, Khao Mai Kaew Cave, Khlong Jark Waterfall and jungle trekking. It has an untouched and unspoiled local culture and old villages as well as unlimited amount of picturesque viewpoints. The main activities on Koh Lanta tours are snorkeling and scuba diving. There is also a wide range of Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking and elephant trekking activities as well as exploring the scenic coast lines or doing absolutely nothing. Koh Lanta is described as enchanting, fascinating and addictive by the tourists that visit. Koh Lanta tour features a great mix of bays and beaches. The beautiful sandy beaches, the unique touch of nature plus the peaceful atmosphere are what attract tourists who want to run away from everyday jobs and busy lifestyle and come to free their mind on Koh Lanta tour. Below you can discover the best day tours in Koh Lanta Island Thailand.

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Koh Lanta tour also makes you explore the really natural and basic way of people in the area. You get to visit the Sea Gypsies village; a group of people who live in harmony with the sea and earn their living through traditional fishing. During koh lanta tours, you have the opportunity to visit Lanta Yai and Noiwhich is approximately 27 kilometer long and has a sublime coastline which slowly rises up from North to South. This magical coastal line offers views over the whole of the island and all the surrounding islands. It also boasts of a mountain range covered with a tropical rain forest and national park. Koh Lanta is a perfect island to visit for travelers coming or going to all nearby locations. To get the best memories, ensure you take photographs of amazing and breathtaking moments, eat tradition Thai cuisine and buy souvenirs from the locals to remind you of the tour.